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Title Loans Ahwatukee, AZ

It’s easy to see the convenient advantages of a special type of loan product that allows you to use your vehicle as collateral.

You don’t need your vehicle title. It sits in a desk most of the time and is only needed when you are getting ready to sell your car or register your vehicle. You can therefore use your vehicle title for other things to maximize the value you get from owning your car.

With a title loan, you enjoy instant cash loans by sending in your vehicle title so that your vehicle is held as collateral. This loan can help you out multiple situations and certain emergencies, there is a good part as well about title loans.  At the same time, you will continue to be able to use your vehicle as much as you like while you make payments. Before you get started, you probably want to learn a little bit more about auto title loans in Chandler and just how they can be of benefit to you. It is very important to know the benefits of any loan before you commit to it, and title loans do not differ from other, unless you’re talking about how you can get a loan and drive your car, now that’s a great benefit.

Learning the important aspects of how title loans Ahwatukee work

The process starts when the applicant submits an online application. This application is simple and quick. It just requires basic details about the applicant and his or her vehicle. The details we need are the vehicle make and model. Also, we need to know its mileage.

Upon receiving an application, we give it a quick evaluation and make a decision. When we offer a loan, we send out the loan details right away so the applicant can make a decision. We know our applicants need to know quickly what they will be able to borrow, so we respond ASAP.

Arizona law and what you should know about title loans Ahwatukee

Title loans Ahwatukee are inevitably subject to Arizona laws which dictate their terms. States make their own laws about title loans. If you have previously taken out a title loan in another state, you should be aware of the fact that laws will differ in the state in which you’re currently taking out the loan in question.

Arizona law is fairly lenient in regards to title loans in the state. In fact, there is no maximum amount cap placed on title loans in the state. However, there are some limits on the interest rate charges for this type of loan in Arizona.

If you are borrowing less than $500 for a title loan in Arizona, you won’t have to pay an interest rate that’s any higher than 17 percent. For loan amounts between $501 and $2,500, there is an interest cap of 15 percent. Then, for loans of $5,000 or more, there is a maximum interest rate enforced of 10 percent.

Special benefits that can be enjoyed when it comes to title loans Ahwatukee

The unique types of benefits offered by the title loan attract many consumers in need of small, short term financing. These are just a few important benefits to keep in mind when you evaluate how a loan like this can be good for your budget and financial planning:

  • Credit requirements are more relaxed- Probably the biggest advantage is that people can be approved for this type of loan regardless of credit history.
  • There’s no need to give up use of your vehicle- We only want the title. You keep using your vehicle all the time throughout the loan as you like.
  • You can be approved while unemployed- Traditional lenders won’t often give a loan to an unemployed applicant. However, approval is quite possible with title loans.
  • Convenient application- Apply online with a simple application that takes just a few minutes.

Would you want to learn more about title loans? well we made a great guide on how you can apply for a title loan without proof of income. We go into depth on how you can get some extra cash while you’re in between some jobs.

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