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Title Loans Baton Rouge, LA

Lots of folks rely on car title loans to help them out when they’re suddenly faced with a costly emergency. However, we also supply quick cash loans to thousands of other people who need money for a variety of other reasons. You could simply be faced with low cash flow one month or maybe you’re tired of harassing calls from bill collectors. We have even helped a number of new entrepreneurs looking to start up a small business of their own. Title loans in Louisiana can help cashiers, stockers, contractors, work-at-home moms or anyone that just needs cash to help out with their finances. Our borrowers love the fact that online title loans can be used for any purpose at all. At Title Loans Online, we work with each borrower as an individual to learn what their loan needs are and how we can help them financially. For most of our clients, a title loan is easy to qualify for, and because the loan is secured with the title to an automobile, customers usually get a pretty good interest rate too. If you need fast cash today, consider filling out one of our free online applications to get approved and paid out in a day or less.

What Kind of Terms Could I Get With Title Loans Baton Rouge?

To accommodate the largest amount of people looking for title loans in Baton Rouge, we can provide terms of as little as 30-day loans or even as long as 36 months. Whenever possible, the length of the loan is tied directly to the total loan amount to come up with affordable payments throughout the loan period.

How Are Loan Amounts Determined for Title Loans Baton Rouge?

The first thing we take into consideration when determining loan amounts is the value of your vehicle. Normally, we’ll check with Kelly Blue Book to come up with a basis for the value of the car. Next, we look at the overall condition, mileage, and age. In most instances, our borrowers can expect to receive about 75 percent of the value of their automobiles.

Of course, we consider the value of your car, your income and your ability to repay the loan. Depending on the value of the car being offered as collateral, borrowers may receive loan amounts for as little as a couple of hundred dollars or several thousand dollars.

Can I Be Turned Down for Bad Credit?

People with bankruptcies, no credit history or low credit scores don’t have to worry about being turned down for title loans in Baton Rouge. We don’t pull credit information, and we would never turn you down for bad credit. We are confident that borrowers will make every effort to make their payments faithfully since their autos are securing their loans.

What Kind of Advantages Do Car Title Loans Offer?

  • Loan payouts in a day or less.
  • No application or loan consultation fees.
  • Affordable repayment plans.
  • Easy qualifying.
  • No credit checks.
  • No prepayment fees for title loans in Baton Rouge.
  • No driving restrictions during the loan period.
  • You’re free to spend loan funds for any purpose.

How Does the Loan Process Work for Title Loans?

Required Documentation

In order to process your loan, you’ll need to make sure you have the necessary documentation. To qualify for car title loans in Baton Rouge, you’ll need:

Proof that you are at least 18 years of age to legally enter into a contract. We can accept a Louisiana identification card or your driver’s license.
The car title to a vehicle such as a motorcycle, SUV, truck or a car. You should own the auto and be listed as the owner on the title. We prefer titles are free of liens, but there is a good chance we can approve you for a loan even if you owe a small amount on the car.

Your Application Process

To provide the most convenience to our applicants, we can offer three methods to apply for title loans in Baton Rouge. You may choose from:

  • Speaking with a loan representative over the phone to apply.
  • Visiting a nearby loan center store where you can work with a rep.
  • Using our free online application is often the most convenient way to apply for most people.

Receiving Your Upfront Loan

Each applicant receives an instant loan estimate immediately after applying. By offering an upfront loan, we can eliminate any kind of confusion, and you’ll know exactly how much you can qualify for before completing the entire loan process.

Your Loan Consultation

In most instances, applicants receive a call from a loan representative the very same day they apply. Your rep is responsible for explaining the entire loan process and will be on hand to help you complete the loan. You will work together to discuss various types of qualifying income, your budget concerns and the terms of the loan. Most importantly, you’ll design and agree on a repayment plan that’s affordable.

Conforming Loan Terms With a Contract

To make sure everyone has the same understanding of the loan terms, your loan rep will draw up a contract written according to Louisiana regulations, which defines all aspects of the loan terms such as:

  • Your interest rate and the cost of the interest.
  • The length of the loan.
  • The total cost of the loan.
  • Your minimum payment amounts and payment schedule.
  • Applicable fees.

Closing the Loan

Before the loan can be closed, you’ll need to turn over the paper copy of your car title, and you are free to collect your cash.

I Am Ready to Apply for a Title Loan

You’ll need to provide a small amount of information about your auto and your contact info such as:

A mileage estimate and the age, make, model and body style of your car.
Your contact phone number, first and last name and your home zip code.

Whether you need title loans in Baton Rouge to cover medical emergencies or pay off high-interest credit accounts, Title Loans Online can help.

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