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Title Loans Centerburg, OH

When people make a budget, they sometimes forget to add in money for an emergency fund. It’s one of those things that everyone needs, but few think about until something happens, and they need cash quickly. That rainy day fund would be perfect, if only you had one. So, you don’t, and now you need money. Where do you turn? No need to look far because title loans in Centerburg are ready and waiting to put cash in the palm of your hand.

Centerburg OH is a village that’s been around since 1834. Located only 40 minutes from Columbus, workers to work in the city while living in a close-knit community. Tourists will find themselves stopping here on their way to Mount Vernon, visiting in June for the Heart of Ohio USA Days Festival, and learning the importance of farming at the community’s annual Oldtime Farming Festival in September. Centerburg is a historic place with a growing population of roughly 2100 residents. It has the amenities of a big city, but the comfort of living in a small town with a strong community.

What are Title Loans Centerburg?

Title loans in Centerburg are one type of secured personal loan where the lender allows the borrower to pledge their vehicle as loan collateral. With this type of valuable collateral, the lender can skip the credit check. This is a great opportunity for applicants with bad credit to get financing. While making loan payments, the borrower leaves the car title with the lender. After the loan is paid off, the title goes back to the borrower.


Instant online title loans have minimal requirements, but you do need to meet them all. You need to be at least 18 years old and have a job or other source of income. You need to own the vehicle you put up against the loan, and it should be lien-free.

Applications for Title Loans Centerburg

We won’t waste your time on a lengthy application only to give you an offer that is disappointing. Our application is short because we only need a few details about your car to determine its value. That information is used to make the loan offer. It’s totally your call to accept or reject the offer, and we won’t pressure you. If you do accept, we’ll craft a loan package that fits your needs, and then, we’ll give you the money.

Ohio Legal Info

Before repossessing a borrower’s vehicle because of a delinquent account, the lender must give the customer some type of notice. Before selling that vehicle, the lender is required to give the borrower 10 days notice, tell them when and where the sale will take place and provide the borrower an accurate account of how much money the customer owes the lender. Money made from the sale of a repossessed vehicle goes the lender first to satisfy the delinquent account. Excess money goes to the borrower. State law allows interest rates up to 30 percent on title loans.

Benefits of Title Loans

You get money fast, which is perfect because it’s never too soon to get cash when you’re in dire need. With a process that requires minimal paperwork, you can get cash money in just a few hours.

Great news for everyone with bad credit: there is no credit check. Because you’re pledging your vehicle to get the loan, your credit score doesn’t matter. We believe you are more than just a number, which is why your vehicle counts as your creditworthiness. Without a credit check, approvals are made much faster and for more people. Within a day or less, in most cases, the loan is process and the money awarded.

You get to pay off the loan quickly, which is ideal for most people who are trying to satisfy a short-term money crisis. However, if you need more time to pay the loan off, let’s talk. We offer flexible loan terms that allow us to renew or roll over loans, which extends the final payoff date.

When you get cash loans online, it’s your business, and so is your financial situation. That’s why we are discreet and work hard to keep your information private.

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