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Title Loans Columbia, SC

Convenient Cash When You Go with Title Loans Columbia

People deal with financial hardships all the time, and unfortunately, they don’t always have the cash on hand or in a savings account to pay their biggest bills. Money is the largest source of stress, and it’s even more likely to cause you stress if you have an emergency that you can’t pay for. The good news is that there is a convenient way to get a cash loan today, and all you’ll need is a car in your name. With title loans in Columbia, the application process is short and approval rates are high.

It’s your decision what you fund with your title loan. Some use title loans to fund repairs on their vehicles, home appliance replacements or simply paying off past-due bills. Once the lender issues your loan, the way you use the money is entirely in your hands.


Applying Online for Title Loans Columbia

Although the application process for title loans in Columbia is already simple and easy, it can take time to find the lender nearest you. We realize time is often of the essence in these situations, and that’s why we set up our own online application for title loans South Carolina. It’s very quick, taking just seconds, and available here on our site. You can start by heading to the application form and punching in this info about your car:
• Year
• Make
• Model
• Approximate Mileage

Next, you’ll finish the form by entering the following contact info:
• Your full name
• Your phone number
• Your ZIP code

With those seven pieces of information, we have everything we need. The car info allows us to calculate a free title loan estimate for you. We’ll also have one of our personable title loan reps call you as soon as they can to give you more information, answer any of your questions and let you know where your nearest lender is to get your loan.


How Title Loans Work in South Carolina

The federal government only requires title loan borrowers to be at least 18 years of age, but other than that, it gives states the flexibility to create their own title loan regulations.

In South Carolina, title loans are made for at least $600, with title loans in the $600 to $2,500 range being the most common. The state requires a title loan term of at least one month, but the initial term can’t be more than 120 days. Most lenders stick with one-month terms. If you need to extend your loan, you can do so by paying just the interest and taking the loan principal into a new term of the same length. A lender can extend a title loan up to six times. After that, you must pay your title loan in full, although you can spread the loan principal out over another six months.

If you miss a payment, the lender must wait 10 days before issuing a right to cure notice. You can rectify the issue by catching up on your payment, and the lender must give you 20 days to do so. Failure to catch up on the payment within that time frame means the lender can repossess and sell your car.


Title Loan Benefits

The best part of car title loans is undoubtedly their convenience, as there is no better type of loan when it comes to speed and borrower requirements. You can often go in to a title loan company’s office and leave with your title loan in under an hour. You’ll only need your ID, your car and your car title to get the loan, without any income verification or other financial documents.

Your car is the collateral on your title loan, but you only give the lender your car title while you pay back your loan. You’ll still have your car over the term of the loan, which means you can continue driving yourself to school, work or anywhere else you need to go.

If you have any trouble making your loan payment, you can extend it to pay less for the current term. This is a very convenient option if you need it.

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