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Title Loans Columbus, OH

We are proud to offer title loans in Ohio. With the current state the economy is in, more and more families are struggling to make ends meet and in some cases, one or both adults in the household are required to work more than one job. Sometimes there aren’t two incomes or you just don’t make enough, and we know you’re already wearing yourself thin. This is why we’ve brought title loans to Columbus; we know how busy and hectic your schedule already is.

If your mounting bills have been piling up on your kitchen counter, it’s time to check into title loans in Columbus to see how we can ease your burden and alleviate that stress. We offer short-term, high-money loans to get you back on your feet, allowing you to sleep better knowing that your bills are paid. It’s time those long, restless nights of worry are in the past. Let us help you look to the future of financial freedom.

Once we approve you for your title loan, you’ll have a fast, easy pile of cash to use on whatever you see fit. We’ll never ask what the money is for because it doesn’t matter. Our job is to ensure that we’re here for you regardless if the money is to put food on the table, pay utilities, pay rent, take a vacation, or just to buy a computer.

Let us do the hard part for you–come up with a large sum of cash that’s just out of grasp with your current situation. Let us help you by helping yourself. You work hard and it’s about time you received that much-needed break.

How to Apply for Title Loans in Columbus

In order to simplify the process, our team developed a way for you to request a title loan right from your home or office. By clicking on the “Apply” button, you will complete the first–and most important–step of the process which is requesting the loan.

Once we receive your loan request, one of our highly trained loan associates will call you at their earliest convenience to provide you with a hassle-free, no-obligation loan quote based on the information that you submitted.

You can use this time to ask any questions that you may have and maybe even negotiate your loan amount. If you feel the payments will be too high for your budget, we can work with you to make your payments more affordable; just ask.

Here’s what we’ll need to get you your free title loan quote:

  • Contact Information Such as Name, Telephone Number, and Zip Code
  • Year of Vehicle
  • Make
  • Model
  • Mileage (Doesn’t Need to be Exact)

After agreeing to a loan amount, we will obtain all of the necessary documents from you to verify income and provide you with a contractual agreement to sign. After all of the paperwork is squared away, you can expect to receive your money within a matter of hours. In rare cases, it can take up to one full business day, but this is not the norm. We’ll place a lien on the title of your vehicle and instruct you on when your payments are due. All you have to worry about after that is making your payments on time to keep up your end of the deal. That’s it, and there are no strings attached.

Legal Regulations

When you apply for title loans in Columbus, we follow all local and state laws which means that you must be of legal age (18 and older) and possess valid ID for proof of identity. The title in which you are applying for a loan against much be registered or licensed in your name as we cannot give loans for vehicles that you do not own. If you recently purchased the vehicle, we will need proof that you own the car regardless if the sale happened a week or even one day ago.

The title cannot have any other liens, debts, or judgments against it. We reserve the right to perform a title check, which will reveal such information. If a loan or debt against the car title is found, we may decline the loan.

If for some reason you fall behind on your payments, we request that you contact us immediately to discuss your options or to come up with a resolution that will satisfy all parties involved. We reserve the right to repossess your vehicle after giving proper notice, and this is typically only used as a last resort once we’ve exhausted all other attempts to collect the funds we are owed. If a repossession should occur, it may add additional fees to the balance of the loan that is owed. Please see full contract for details.

Benefits of Title Loans

We will never run your credit. Our motto is what happened in the past stays in the past. All your credit number does is tell people about a time where you faced hardship, or a time where you were too young to obtain credit if your problem is no credit.

Since we don’t run background or credit checks like a traditional lender, you’ll never be subjected to the scrutiny your banking institution would put you under. With us, it’s pretty much a clear, cut and dry answer. If you have steady employment and have a means to pay us back, we’ll approve you and do it with one of our short-term, high-money loans so you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck. We want you to feel proud to do business with us which is why we have such high standards for our loan representatives and our company.

When you apply for title loans in Columbus, we look at your current situation and look to the future, which we hope is a future of us doing business together. We approve all of our own in-house financing because we don’t need a bank to give us a decision, we do it all ourselves. This is how we’re able to approve more customers than any traditional lender out there, and do it at a much faster rate. Our staff is highly trained to make quick decisions so you’re not stuck waiting for days or weeks for a decision. In most cases, you can expect your loan approval within one business day and receive your cash within hours.

You’ll also find that our interest rate is much lower than that of a payday pawn broker. The reason for this is simple: they only offer small loans so they have to make all of their profit upfront on a small loan amount so they gouge on their interest rate which is something we would never do. We can offer you a fair interest rate because the size of our loans isn’t limited to the size of your paycheck. Since our loans are bigger and based on the value of your car, we can charge a better interest rate than they can. Our interest rate is higher than that of a traditional bank, but that’s only because we’re willing to take a risk that they wouldn’t which is lending you the money you need and doing it quickly.

You can continue driving your car during the life of your loan when you take out title loans in Columbus. We know that your wheels are your independence and we would never dream of taking away your livelihood, which is why we allow you to use your car as you normally would. Once your loan amount is paid off in full, we’ll release the lien on the title of your car so you’ll own it just as you always have.

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