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Title Loans Delaware, OH

Located near the greater Columbus metro area, Delaware offers residents a mix of historical interest and a busy scene full of restaurants and shops in the city’s traditional downtown shopping district such as The Strand Theater, which has been showing movies since 1916. Explore the extensive underground cave system of the Olentangy Indian Caverns. Delaware’s Ohio Wesleyan University enrolls a diverse mix of students from around the nation and the world and shares Perkins Observatory and the Richard M. Ross Art Museum with residents. The Little Brown Jug, an internationally famous harness race, takes place in Delaware every fall.

One of the biggest investments people make is home ownership, and getting insurance to cover potential damage to that structure is what wise homeowners do. Something many homeowners don’t realize is that insurance doesn’t cover everything. For example, flooding is covered by flood insurance, not homeowners, and termites are a nightmare homeowners deal with all by themselves. If you’ve run into a situation like this and need extra cash to pay for repairs, consider title loans in Delaware.

What are Title Loans Delaware?

An individual who exchanges their vehicle title for cash and uses the vehicle as collateral for the money is getting what’s known as a title loan. By basing the loans on collateral, lenders don’t have to do credit checks. The good or bad credit history of an applicant plays no part in the lender’s approval decision. Once approved, the lender allows the borrower to keep the vehicle, and the lender keeps the vehicle title. After the loan is paid full, the title goes back to the borrower.


Anyone who is at least 18 years old is qualified to apply for title loans in Delaware. They need to actually own the vehicle they propose to use for loan security, and the vehicle needs to have a clear title. Applicants must also be able to show proof of identification and have a job or other source of money.

Title Loans Delaware Application

Find out how much money is waiting for you by completing the simple online application. Just pick your vehicle’s make, model, style, year and mileage. We can use that info to determine the car’s value, and we’ll give you an instant title loans quote. If you think the number works for you, we can carve out the details of a complete loan package. It will only take a short time to finish everything, and you could be holding the loan cash a few hours later.

Ohio Legal Info

Before repossessing a vehicle, a title lender must give the customer advance notice. Before selling the vehicle, the lender is required to give the borrower at least 10 days notice. The lender must tell the customer the time and location of the sale, and the must give the borrower a detailed account of how much money is owed. Title loan interest rates are up to 30 percent.


  • Get money in your pocket within hours. That’s the best thing about title loans in Delaware, which is why so many people prefer them over more traditional loans.
  • No need to worry that your credit score isn’t high enough to get a loan. Title lenders have done away with credit checks because we believe our clients are more than just a number. We have chosen to rely on vehicles used as collateral, which means anyone with any type of credit can apply and have a great chance at approval.
  • Even more good news is that car title loans in Columbus and Delaware allow you to get the money you need, and keep your business private. Not only do lenders operate in discretion, we don’t share your information with anyone. If you have to go to a family member or friend for a loan, that’s one more person who knows you are struggling financially. If they can’t keep your secret, other people will soon know as well.
  • Your loan term is flexible. If you need additional payback time, the loan can be renewed so you can make all the payments.
  • Driving is a necessity for most of us, so keep your car while you pay us back. We’ll just keep the title.

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