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Title Loans Dentsville, SC

How You Can Pay Your Bills Through Title Loans In Dentsville

We don’t like them but they keep coming anyway. Those things that keep coming are the stack of bills you constantly see piled up on your dinner table. You can only ignore them for so long until the collector calls start coming and start demanding their money right away. Maybe you’ve tried to do something to stop them such as applying for a debt consolidation loan or some sort of personal loan from a bank or credit union but have been unsuccessful. Maybe you’ve tried to get a raise at work but haven’t been able to. For situations like this, title loans in Dentsville, SC can help you if you’re a resident of that area.

So what are our title loans about? Basically if you own a vehicle such as a small car, minivan, SUV, pickup truck or even a motorcycle, you can take out a loan using that vehicle’s title. Basically what this means is your vehicle title will now have a lien on it to secure the loan, but you can keep driving your vehicle while you have a title loan out on it. To get a title loan you’ll need to have information about your vehicle handy, and filling it out online with us can save you the time of having to do all the paperwork at a lender’s store.


Application Steps For Title Loans Dentsville, SC

The main things you’ll need for our title loan application are your personal contact information and your vehicle’s basic readings. You’ll also need to establish that you’re a resident of South Carolina and at least 18 years old. To get the most accurate quote for Columbia SC title loans, you’ll need to fill in the following fields:

  • Vehicle make & model
  • Vehicle year
  • Vehicle’s current mileage

To verify you’re a South Carolina resident 18 or over and own your vehicle, you’ll need the following:

  • Government photo ID such as a driver’s license, permanent resident card, military ID, etc.
  • Your official South Carolina vehicle title with no current liens on it
  • A pay stub or statement with proof of income on it

Once you’ve completed our online application and are connected with one of our lenders, you’ll need to bring your vehicle when you go to fill out your paperwork so that it can be inspected and appraised. Once all that is completed, you should know pretty quickly whether or not you’re approved.


South Carolina Laws For Title Loans Dentsville

Each county or city in South Carolina may have some ordinances on how title loans must be governed and what you can do with them, but most of the laws you’ll find on them are governed by South Carolina state legislation in Section 37-3-413. The key things to know about title loans in Dentsville laws are the following:

1. All title loans cannot be for less than a month and cannot have an initial first term of more than 120 days.

2. Title loans cannot be renewed for more than 6 times, and the total length of renewal periods cannot be more than 240 days.

3. The borrower has to show ability to repay and the lender must make a “good faith” judgment on that.

4. The title loan cannot be greater than the current market value of the car

5. The lender must maintain the interest rate on the initial loan period for every subsequent renewal period.

6. The lender must also have a written warning in large print about title loan interest and let the borrower know about the risks that taking out the loan entails.


Other Benefits Of Our Title Loans

Your credit score will not be checked when you apply for title loans with us. This is because title loans are secured and are meant for people who’ve had struggles with past credit and need another chance at a loan. So long as all the information you’ve provided to our lenders is accurate, you should be able to receive your title loan funds within 1 business day or less. You can see our title loan frequently asked questions section if you want more information.

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