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Title Loans Desert Ridge, AZ

Working 40 hours every week gives you a good check, but things have changed, and that money doesn’t go as far as it once did. While you work out a plan to manage the money so that it covers everything you need, let us help you get over this financial hump. Title loans in Desert Ridge can get money to you in a few hours so that you won’t have to worry about what might get cut off, and you can stop those bill collector calls.

What are Title Loans Desert Ridge?

Title loans in Desert Ridge offer consumers a way to get financing by placing their vehicle as loan collateral. Car, truck, SUV or other vehicles can be used, but the vehicle must be owned by the person applying for the loan. As part of the deal, the borrower turns over the vehicle’s title certificate to the lender, and the lender is allowed to place a lien against the vehicle. When the loan is paid off, the lien is pulled, and the borrower gets their title back.

Borrowers won’t have to worry about their credit score because title lenders won’t do a credit check. Loans are approved based on collateral, which means any type of credit is acceptable. Online loans for bad credit are available to anyone who is at least 18 years old. Borrowers either need a job or have another source of income that provides money for them to pay loan notes.

Title Loans Desert Ridge Application

The soon you complete the title loans in Desert Ridge application, the sooner you’ll get the money you want. You’ll only spend a few minutes on the application for instant title loans, and all we want to know is what kind of vehicle you’re using to get the loan. We use that info to determine your car’s value and make a loan offer. If you like the offer, we’ll start on your loan package right away. It’s unusual for loan processing to go longer than one day, which means most of our clients get their cash very quickly after applying.

Legal Information

There is no max on loan amounts, and interest charges range from 10 to 17 percent. Lenders can charge a late fee of five percent of the balance for loans 10 days past due.


  • Money in your pocket is a great benefit. That’s what you get with title loans in Desert Ridge. Because we don’t do credit checks, there is no reason to be concerned that bad credit will get your application rejected. Plus, our short application and processing means you get the money faster than any other loan type. Try to get a loan like this at a bank, and you’ll quickly find out that nothing is fast about a traditional loan process. While it could take days or weeks for an applicant to find out whether or not they get a standard loan, most title loan borrowers have the cash in the hands or their bank account within hours of giving us their application.
  • Using your vehicle to get title loan cash is great, but it doesn’t mean your car loses its original purpose, which is to transport you where you need to go. There is no reason for us to keep your car while you’re paying off the loan, so we let you keep driving.
  • Your business is important to us, which is why we maintain discretion during your loan term. We will keep your information private and secure.
  • Car repossession is one of the last resorts that a lender has to do, the lender will do as much as possible for you to pay off your title loan debt.

Sometimes getting more money from your car could be beneficial, sometimes maybe not. But we made a great article that helps you determine if you should take a second lien title loan. It’s in the blog section.

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