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Title Loans El Mirage, AZ

Being strapped for cash makes it hard to live a normal life. You can maintain your regular routine with title loans in El Mirage, which you can get easily and quickly.

What are Title Loans El Mirage?

People apply for loans every day, but they aren’t always approved by traditional lenders because of a poor credit history. Title loans in El Mirage, also called bad credit online loans, offer cash loans to those rejected by banks. All you need to do is apply for a loan, and use your car, truck or other vehicle as collateral. Loan amounts are based on the value of the vehicle, and when you get the money, you give the vehicle title to the lender. They place a short lien on your car while the loan is active, but the lien is removed when you pay off the debt. At that time, the lender also gives you the title back. Using collateral makes these loans easy to approve, but they are also easy to get because there is no credit check.

Title loan applicants have to be 18 or older, and they need a job or some type of income that they can use to make loan payments. They also need to own the vehicle used as collateral, and have their name appear on registration papers.

Applications for Title Loans El Mirage

Start your application for title loans in El Mirage right now, and you’ll know how much money is waiting for you in less than five minutes. Simply click through until you find your vehicle’s make, model, style and year of manufacture. Type in the mileage and your name and contact information. It sounds simple because it is, and after you submit it, you’ll get an instant loan quote. All we need after that is a little more time to work out a payment schedule and a few other details. One of our customer service reps will contact you and talk about some of the good interest rate deals in your area as well as some of our vetted lenders that can benefit you. Then, it’s just a matter you deciding when to collect your cash.

Legal Info

Arizona allows lenders to decide the maximum amount to loan, but caps are placed on interest charges. Loans up to $500 can be charged the maximum amount, which is 17 percent a month. Loans between $501 and $2,500 have interest capped at 15 percent, and the rate is 13 percent for loans between $2,501 and $5,000. All loans over $5,000 have the lowest rate, which is 10 percent.

Benefits of Title Loans

Fast money for people who want money fast is how title loans in El Mirage work. You will apply, be approve and get the money before a day has passed by. Most loans are approved within hours.
No credit check equals no problem getting online title loan approval. Bad credit is fine. No credit is find. Any type of credit is fine when it comes to title loans. Just provide the necessary collateral, and you’re good. Aside from no credit check, title loans also allow you to use your car while youre taking out the loan. Just make sure to pay on your due dates.
Do you need a little more time to pay us back? We’re okay with that. You do have to let us know that you can’t make all payments by the end of the term, but we can make adjustments to your loan so you have the time that you need.
Life will be harder if you’re having to walk to work and anywhere else you need to be, so why not just keep your car? We certainly don’t need it, and we don’t want to inconvenience you by leaving you stranded.
Our interest rates are usually lower than other short-term financing options, which means you could save money on interest payments when you choose a title loan.

Are you unemployed and need some cash quick to get back up on your feet? Well title loans online can help you out with that. With a great article that can help you get a title loan while being unemployed, this can help you greatly as well. You can find this article in the blog section of the web site.

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