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Title Loans Evanston, IL

Located along the lakeshore of Lake Michigan and adjacent to Chicago, Evanston is home to Northwestern University which accepted its first students in 1855 before the founding of the town itself. Among the first students was John Evans after whom the town is named. Residents of Evanston can take advantage of their proximity to Chicago but Evanston boasts its own active cultural scene whelmed by the Evanston Arts Council. Visitors can also visit the Grosse Pointe Lighthouse, listed on the National Register of Historic Places and enjoy recreation along Lake Michigan’s shores including six beaches open seasonally for swimming.

Finding a quick financial solution can be a nightmare, especially when you have bad credit or pending debts. Most traditional loan products are out of the question because banks conduct credit checks and require a particular credit score. The application and approval process can also be painfully complicated with lenders asking for all kinds of documents. So where does that leave you? Title loans are the easiest way to get out of common but sometimes unexpected financial needs in Evanston. When your home has to get roof repairs, which are not covered by insurance or you have to get urgent maintenance for your appliances, waiting is not an option.

Title loan lenders have become popular because they don’t draw out the application and approval process. You don’t need to have a guarantor with you or photocopy your pay slips for the past six months. The title of your vehicle is all that a lender needs. A customer must have identification and be 18 years or older. In less than 24 hours, a borrower can know if the loan has been approved. As with any other transactions, the lender and borrower have to agree to the terms of repayment.


Requirements for Title Loans Evanston

Illinois title loan lenders must have licensing to offer services in the region which is one way that the state protects customers. Amortization is another characteristic of title loans that consumers should be aware of. It means that unlike other areas where balloon payments are allowed, Illinois lenders have to make all payments more or less equal. They do this by dividing the total amount of the loan (principal + interest) by the duration (in months). Another law limits monthly payments to less than half of a customer’s gross income. For this reason, a borrower’s income can dictate the size of the loan. In Illinois, title loan interest rates are calculated as simple interest, but there are no caps on how much a lender can charge.


Secured Vs. Unsecured Loans

To understand how title loans Evanston work, it’s important to learn in which category they fall. A loan can be unsecured, meaning the borrower doesn’t have to present an asset as collateral. The lender gives the loan based on the customer’s ability to pay and credit history. For this reason, secured loans can be out of reach for many people who can’t meet the stringent requirements. Student loans, personal loans, and credit cards are examples.

On the other hand, a secured loan is protected by collateral, which is usually some item of value. Car title loans are secured loans because the borrower exchanges the title for cash. Because your car is security, a lending institution has the right to repossess it if you don’t pay. However, with the flexible repayment options that title loans Evanston offer, repossession is usually not a big concern.


Applying for a Title Loan

Now that you comprehend title loans a bit better applying for one shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. The simplicity of the application process cannot be exaggerated enough. We don’t have any hidden procedures or costs that will prolong the wait more than necessary. The process starts with you submitting information about your vehicle on our online form. We request the mileage, style year, model, and make of the car.

We also need your details that is the name, email address, zip code, and phone number. Once we have this, we calculate the loan you can get (including interests rates) based on the worth of your vehicle. After approval, we agree on terms and deposit the loan directly into your account, meaning you can access it instantly. For concerns or clarifications, our customer representatives will gladly serve you. When you need quick online title loans in Evanston, we are the service to turn to.

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