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Title Loans French Corner, ID

What Auto Title Loans In French Corner, Idaho Do For College Students

College students can find themselves under a lot of financial stress between trying to stay on top of their studies and working to pay their student loans and bills. But even they can find some assistance doing so without having to call home asking mom and dad to stretch their allowance. One way they can do so is through auto title loans in French Corner, Idaho. These loans are ideal for expenses that come up on short notice and may not have had any emergency funds saved up for them. You simply need to own a vehicle to be eligible for title loans.

Secured loans, which is what auto title loans in French Corner are would ordinarily require you to give up your collateral. But with these loans, your vehicle title is collateral instead so you can keep the vehicle. What you will usually need is proof of income so that the lender can verify you have a way to pay back the title loan, but that isn’t usually limited to simply employment income. If you have income from hobbies, alimony payments, disability or a life insurance policy, that too can be used. But the bottom line is once you qualify for a title loan, that money is yours to spend how you want.

Your Credit Doesn’t Affect Your Application For Car Title Loans French Corner

You’re probably worried about being approved for any loan or getting a bad deal on one if your credit is pretty bad or has been ruined. But with auto title loans in French Corner, that’s not something you have to worry about because we don’t even take credit score into account. Since your vehicle title is the collateral and your vehicle’s market value used to determine what your loan will be, you don’t even need credit to report to us. And we don’t notify any credit bureaus of your application or acceptance for title loans.

When You Need To Refinance Title Loans French Corner

If you’ve been paying a little too much for a car title loan with another company, you might want to look into our rebuilt title loans program. What we can do is buyout the remaining debt you owe on another title loan and refinance it with more favorable terms. You’ll be given another 30 days to repay your new title loan provided your vehicle passes our approval process.

Steps To Getting Your Title Loan

One of the first steps to getting one of our online title loans is filling in a title loan estimate form and making sure you have all necessary documents. You need to verify your age, legal residency status and vehicle ownership. Doing so requires the following documents:

  • A photo ID approved by the government including but not limited to a driver’s license or passport
  • Your vehicle title itself
  • A bank statement, paycheck stub copy, tax return form or other document showing your income

Generally, the newer the vehicle, the more you’ll get with our Nampa car title loans. Idaho law limits the amount a borrower can get in relation to their vehicle value, and the vehicle will need to be inspected to make sure it matches the market value found in our estimate. While it’s being inspected, you’ll need to review your repayment agreement and sign over your title to us. You’ll know during your visit that you’ve been approved, and usually in the same day receive your title loan funds.

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