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Title Loans Gateway Pavilions, AZ

That trip to the emergency room seemed like the only option to relieve the misery and torment you felt, but as painful as it was, diagnosis of the trauma showed a minor issue. The insurance company decided it wasn’t a necessary ER visit and refused to pay the bill. You’re suddenly on the hook for hundreds of dollars, and you don’t have the cash to pay. While fighting the insurance company could end with them paying the medical costs, it could end up costing you even more money to fight them. Another option is to get the money you need with title loans in Gateway Pavilions.

What are Title Loans Gateway Pavilions?

Title loans in Gateway Pavilions allow a consumer to offer their personal vehicle as collateral for a loan. Borrowers turn over the vehicle title to the lender, and the lender places a temporary lien on the borrower’s car, truck or motorcycle. Complete all payments and the lender removes the lien and gives the title back to the borrower. Title loans are short-term deals because they are meant to help consumers with a short-term money problem. Another way borrowers get help is through loan approvals that don’t require a credit check. Title lenders rely on collateral, and a customer’s credit history is not needed. For those with low FICO scores, this type of funding is like getting bad credit loans online.


Legally, an applicant for a title loan has to be at least 18 years old. They need to have a job or get money from somewhere else because they must be able to afford loan payments. Many states require applicants to present a vehicle with lien-free title, but Arizona allows borrowers without a clear title to still qualify for loans. Most lenders do not require a vehicle inspection, but just in case make sure you car is clean and damage free when you have to show photos of your car or a body shop vehicle inspection.

Title Loans Gateway Pavilions Application

Convenient is a great way to describe title loans in Gateway Pavilions applications. You don’t need to visit a lending office to complete an application. Just use the online version, which takes less than five minutes to finish. We’ll give you a quick loan estimate to get the ball rolling. It might take several hours to finish your loan process, but it probably won’t. We like to keep things simple to maximize efficiency. Because of our efforts, the majority of title loan clients get their money in the shortest time possible, which is usually the same day they apply.

Arizona Legal Information

Lenders are not limited in lending amounts, and they are allowed to charge up to five percent of the loan balance when a payment is 10 days overdue. Borrowers without a clear vehicle title may still be approved for a title loan. Interest rates vary based on the loan amount. Loans over $5,000 have the lowest interest rate, which is 10 percent. Amounts between $501 and $2,500 can have interest rates up to 15 percent, while loans between $2,501 and $5,000 are charged up to 13 percent interest. Loans of $500 or less have the highest interest rate, which is 17 percent.

Benefits of Title Loans

Money is easy to get with auto title loans in Glendale and Gateway Pavilions. There is no credit check blocking you if you have bad credit. There is no long line to wait in at the office because you can apply online.       You won’t spend days or weeks wondering if you’ll get the money because we usually wrap up loan processing in less than a day. While taking out a title loan, the biggest plus is being able to  still drive your car while paying back the lender.

Don’t worry about missing your payoff deadline if you can’t afford to get all the money back to us by then. If you let us know you won’t make it, we can rework the loan so you get more time.

There are a lot of draw backs with paying for college debt, one of them being paying. But you can use your car to get some extra cash to pay off a good chunk of your college debt, and don’t forget you can still use that car to drive to your job or school. Don’t forget to read about paying for college with title loans in the blog section.

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