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Title Loans Georgetown, SC

Most people don’t realize that they can qualify for car title loans in Georgetown within a few hours of applying. Title Loans Online has a large staff of loan representatives on hand to get to work on your loan application right away. We only have four simple requirements to be approved for a loan. You need to be at least 18 years of age, own a vehicle, hold the title and have some sort of income to repay the loan. The easiest loans to process are those with clear titles. However, if you are almost done paying off the car, we can usually work with you to approve the loan. We can accept a number of different vehicles models and styles in a variety of conditions as collateral. Title loan lenders do require all vehicles to be in working order to qualify for vehicle title loans. After pledging your vehicle as collateral to meet requirements, you can collect your cash at a nearby loan center store or make arrangements to have your funds electronically transferred to a bank account you specify. Approved borrowers receive their funds within a day of applying and are free to spend their money on anything.

How to Get Title Loans Georgetown

1. Start the Loan Process by Applying for a Loan.

To provide the best possible service, we offer interested applicants three ways to apply:

• Fill out our online application any time you like.

• Visit with a loan representative at a local loan center store.

• Call us on the phone to submit your application information.

2. Completing the Loan Application.

Applications require your personal contact and vehicle information, which takes about five minutes to complete.

• Fill in your first and last name, telephone number, zip code and email address.

• Supply your vehicle make, model and body style. You’ll also need to include the age of your vehicle and the mileage reading or a mileage estimate.

Right after applying, applicants receive an upfront loan estimate, so you’ll know the loan amount you could qualify for.

3. Qualifying for a Loan.

We will use the number listed in your application to call to discuss your income, so we can qualify you for a loan in Mount Pleasant or Georgetown. You can expect a few questions about your monthly income and the source of your income. Once you are qualified, we will help you to find a loan repayment plan, which meets your financial needs.

4. Your Legal Agreement & Loan Closing.

Each borrower will be asked to read and sign a contract specifying the terms you are accepting. To protect consumers, contracts must adhere to the state auto title loan regulations. A repayment schedule is included in the contract for your convenience.

Lastly, you’ll turn over your car title and make arrangements to receive your loan funds.


Benefits, Freebies & Features You’ll Enjoy With Title Loans Georgetown

• Credit Concerns. Applicants applying for car title loans don’t need to be worried about being turned down for bad credit. Credit profiles are never checked because loans are secured.

• Loan Amounts. You could be approved for as much as 75 percent of your car’s value if the vehicle is in good condition.

• Driving Restrictions. As long as you continue to make timely payments according to your repayment schedule, you may use your vehicle any time you wish.

• Loan Funds. Borrowers are free to choose when and how they’ll spend their loan funds.

Free applications and consultations. There are no charges for these services.

If you’re looking for competitive rates, local loan center stores and fast pay outs, consider title loans in Georgetown today.

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