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Title Loans Grafton, WI

If your bank account balance is dwindling and your credit cards are maxed out, you understandably may be faced with a stressful financial situation. In many instances, this type of situation may simply dissipate after a few weeks if you cut back on spending. However, when you have lower income than expected or more expenses than you anticipated, you may be feeling the weight of this seemingly impossible situation. While you initially may not see any way out of your predicament, the answer may be as simple as applying for title loans in Grafton. Our program for Wisconsin online title loans may not be as well-known to local residents as other types of loans, but it offers true benefits to you in these types of situations.

How Are Title Loans in Grafton Different?

There are two primary traits of title loans in Grafton that make them unique from other financing options that you could potentially take advantage of at this time. The first trait is that the loan has a term that is only a few weeks in length. The second trait is that the loan requires you to pledge your car as collateral. Therefore, you can see that this is like a payday loan in that it has a short term, but it is like a regular auto loan in that it is secured by your vehicle. If you believe that tapping into your car’s available equity for a few weeks may benefit you, you may be ready to fill out the application and begin the fast loan process.

How Can You Use Title Loans in Grafton?

A common question that many people have before they apply for car title loans online relates to how the money can be used. You may be aware that a regular car loan can only be used to purchase a car. A debt consolidation loan from a bank may only be used to pay off specific debt accounts. Unlike other lending programs, vehicle title loans in Grafton do not have this type of requirement. While many of our clients use title loan funds to get caught up on their bills, to avoid a foreclosure or to address other considerable financial needs, the money can also be used to pay for a trip, to buy new clothes or to address other non-essential needs.

What Are the Loan Requirements?

We want to help you get the money that you need with minimal hassle or stress. While other lenders may make you jump through hoops, we have placed our loan application online so that you can complete it now. After a few minutes, the form may be completed, and you can submit it directly to us. The application asks about factors related to our loan requirements. For you as the applicant, they ask about your age and about your income status. Applicants should have a source of income and should be a legal adult. The application also asks about the car. The collateral should be owned solely by you and should not have any liens placed against it.

Taking out money from your car’s equity is fast and easy to do, and you can begin the loan process by filling out the application at this time. Many applicants who have initially been stressed by a cash shortage have been able to breathe a sigh of relief by learning that they have been approved for a title loan. Keep in mind that we deposit loan proceeds into your account very soon after loan approval so that you can begin using the money as soon as possible.

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