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Title Loans Heath, OH

Heath is a small city of 10,000 in Central Ohio located 30 miles east of downtown Columbus. A relatively new community, Heath was founded in 1952 and grew rapidly as a bedroom community for nearby Newark. Heath contains most of central Licking County’s retail areas, including the county’s only mall. The Newark Earthworks in the northern part of the city was designated as Ohio’s official prehistoric monument in 2006. These earthworks were constructed by the Hopewell culture between 100 BC and 500 AD as an observatory, cemetery, and cathedral and align with the rising and setting of the moon.

With snow on the ground and a chill in the air, winter can be a beautiful time of year. It can also be costly. The weight of that snow on the roof can be damaging, and when the snow melts, all that water could seep inside the house to cause even more damage. It’s best to be proactive, and get the house inspected before damage occurs. If you don’t have enough cash for the inspection, go for title loans in Heath and get the money you need now.

What are Title Loans Heath?

Online auto title loans are when an individual exchanges their vehicle title for a cash loan. Their vehicle is the loan collateral, but the lender only keeps the title. While the borrower pays back the money, they are allowed to keep their car, truck or other vehicle used to secure the loan. When the borrower pays back the loan in full, the lender gives them back their title certificate. Title loans are approved based on vehicle collateral, not a credit check. Anyone who has struggled to find a lender willing to give them a loan with bad credit will have no problem being approved by a title lender.


Applicants must be 18 or older to apply for title loans in Heath. They need to own the vehicle they use as collateral, and registration papers must list them as the owner. Vehicles must also have a clear title. Applicants must also be able to show proof of ID. They must work or get money through another avenue, such as a pension or alimony.

Title Loans Heath Application

You need money now, and title lenders want you to have it now, which is why our fast online title loan application is so short and easy. All we need is a few personal and vehicle details to give you a loan offer. Then, we discuss your loan options and come up with a final loan package that works for your specific financial needs. In less than a day, you could be holding the cash money you really need.

Ohio Legal Information

  • Interest rates are maxed at 30 percent
  • Lenders must give notice to a borrower before repossessing or selling the customer’s vehicle
  • From the sale of a vehicle, the lender may keep what they are owed from the borrower plus any money they spent on the repossession and sale of the vehicle


  • Get the money you need right away. There is no good reason to wait for a bank to approve your loan request or to waste time trying to find enough of your valuables to pawn.
  • Credit checks are fine if that’s what the lender uses to determine who get a loan, but title loans in Heath are solely based on your collateral. That means you pledge a vehicle to secure the loan, and we don’t run your credit. Those with bad credit will find this to be an excellent opportunity to finally hear a lender say yes to their loan request.
  • Don’t tell your relatives or friends you’re broke and in desperate need of cash. It’s not their business, and they don’t need to know unless they will give you the cash you need. Plus, they may be critical or judgmental about your situation, and they may even talk about your situation with other people. You don’t want to be the source of the latest gossip, so choose title loans.
  • Loan terms are short to get you back on track quickly, but if you need more time to pay, it’s doable. The loan can be rolled over to add time.

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