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Title Loans Hudson, WI

Using Car Title Loans In Hudson, WI For A Road Trip

If you’ve ever wanted to drive to a faraway destination whether it’s to a specific landmark or vacation resort, or just simply to travel the country a road trip is always exciting. While it’s usually far less expensive than flying, a road trip does still require money and you should have enough for gas, food and in some cases lodging. If you don’t currently have the extra cash you would normally save for a vacation, there is still another way through vehicle title loans in Hudson, WI. Title loans are what we offer and Wisconsin is one of several states that have legalized them.

Why Car Title Loans In Hudson, WI Are A Great Way To Pay For Road Trips

While there are always personal loans you can take out of your bank or even loans you can take from other alternative lenders, car title loans in Hudson have some features that make them better for road trips. Most bank loans including personal loans usually have paperwork to fill out and questions asking what you plan to do with them. And most will make decisions based on your credit history. Our vehicle title loans have very little paperwork that takes about 10 minutes to complete, and we never look at your credit report or check your score at all. Once you receive your title loan funds, you can spend them on anything you want including a road trip, and we never ask about it.

Pawn shop loans are a little similar to car title loans because they are both secured loans. But usually pawn shop loans require you to surrender the collateral to them until you pay off the loan. Car title loans don’t require you to do this because instead of holding your vehicle as collateral, they only hold your vehicle title. The title is locked in a secure location until you repay the loan, but you can keep using your vehicle in the meantime.

Why You Need A Clear Title For Car Title Loans In Hudson, WI

In order to be approved for our car title loans in Hudson, you need to make sure your title is in your name and clear. That means you cannot still owe money on it to the dealership or have a lien put on it by a court or another party. That’s because we need to be able to put a lien on it in order to issue you your money. If you have made all payments on your vehicle and your title has not yet been cleared, you’ll need to go to your local DMV and take the necessary steps to have them clear it for you.

Final Application Steps

Once you’ve made sure your title is clear, you can begin applying for our car title loans online. The online application will allow you to get an idea of how much the title loan amount will be, and it can also make sure you spend less time in our store. When you visit our store, there are just a few other things you’ll need to bring besides yourself and your vehicle.

  1. Your vehicle title document
  2. A photo ID that’s issued by the government that shows you are at least 18 years old and reside in Wisconsin
  3. A document showing that you have sufficient income to repay your loan

If you have all your documents and have completed your online application, you’ll be contacted with a time to visit our store for car title loans in Green Bay. We’ll just need to inspect your vehicle, go over the paperwork with you and you’ll know very quickly if you’ll receive your car title loan funds.

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