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Title Loans Jamestown, SC

Introduction To Title Loans Jamestown

A title loan is a short-term loan whereby you use your vehicle as collateral for a loan. Non-traditional lenders typically offers these types of loans to customers who might not have the credit rating to secure a traditional bank loan or to lenders who don’t want to wait the lengthy period of time it takes to be approved for a bank loan. If you need cash in a hurry or you’re a bad credit borrower, never fear. Our title loans can put hand in your cash as quickly as the same day you apply. And the application process just doesn’t get any more simple than it is with us.


How To Get Title Loans Jamestown

Car title loans online are among the most easy loans to apply for. We’ve simplified our process down to a science, and it only takes a few minutes of your time to apply and be approved. Our handy application just asks you for some basic personal information such as your:

– Name
– Zip Code
– Phone number

We also ask for a little bit of information about your car, such as:

– Make
– Model
– Year
– Mileage

Once we have this little bit of information, we’re able to give you an estimate that lets you know how much money we can give you based on the value of your car. Keep in mind that the bottom line is that you are receiving money because of the value of your car, not your credit rating or income, so whatever your car is worth is how we determine your loan amount.


Legal Information about Title Loans

South Carolina governs the interest rates and renewals of auto title loans South Carolina. Title loans in Jamestown will be governed by these same laws. The amount of money loaned to you must be based off the fair market value of your car and be determined by industry appraisal guidelines. We can’t offer more than that loan amount. This is a good thing for our lenders and we stand by the standards of the industry because that is what is fair.

In South Carolina, term length of repayment is important. Remember that 120 days is the maximum term length for a loan of this type in South Carolina, so borrow your loan amount knowing that you have a total of 120 days to repay it. After this, repossession is mandatory. As long as you borrow responsibly and budget for repayment, these loans can really help.


Benefits Of Title Loans

Now on to the great news: Title loans can help! Here’s just a few of their many benefits:

  • Spend loan money while keeping your car
  • They’re quick to apply for
  • Get money in the same day you apply
  • Reduce interest paid by repaying quicker
  • Use the funds for whatever you want

As you can see, you’ll retain possession of your car for the duration of the term length. You never have to give up your car to get a title loan. There are no rules about how you can spend your loan either. Spend it as you see fit! If you need cash for groceries, utilities, car payments, rent, or anything else, you are legally able to spend your loan funds how you choose.

Call us today to apply for title loans in Jamestown. We can usually get your money to you the same day you apply, in a matter of hours. If that’s not good news, nothing is.

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