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Title Loans Lexington, SC

Brief Overview of Online Title Loans

Title loans are a financial savior in times of monetary depression. You can’t always count on your loved ones to back you up, and other lending companies demand too much to loan you the smallest amount of cash. What do you do when you need cash quickly but don’t have the collateral or credit score to qualify?

When your bills are fast approaching and it’s clear that you just won’t meet the mark this month, don’t panic. Title loans Lexington don’t bother with credit checks and can get tens of thousands sent to you in less than 24 hours. Even better, they offer the lowest APRs in the industry of short-term lending solutions, and there’s only one requirement to get it all: the temporary relinquishment of your auto title.

The title to your motor vehicle must be paid off and have legal registration in your name. This little document serves not only as collateral for your loan, but it also works as a way of determining the amount of money you can carry out in it. We don’t do anything to your vehicle while the loan is out, so you’re free to drive wherever you please while you pay us back. Once all debts have been relieved, we send the title back to you in its original state.


Applying Online for an Auto Loan

You might have thought that applying for such a convenient lending option would involve a lot of hoop-jumping, but in reality, title loans Lexington offer one of the simplest online applications you could ask for. The only details we need are:

  • A name to greet you with
  • A phone number to connect with once we’ve reviewed your application
  • An email address to send information to
  • The basics about your vehicle, including the year and mileage
  • Your ZIP code

We’ll quickly check the provided information and come up with a free auto loan quote, then call you at the earliest time we can manage. One of our representatives will gladly answer any questions you have and walk you through the next steps of the process if you decide to get title loan in Columbia. Be prepared to provide proof of income status and identity, as we need to collect these in order to legally create a title loan for you.


Legal Protection for Our Clients

Did you know that there are state laws prohibiting lender abuse? Not all lending agencies are created equal, and we’d like to think that ours stands out. Read on to see the ways that you’re protected going forward.

  1. Lending firms are required by law to staff their facilities with certified and licensed representatives. That means that each member you work with is legally permitted to assess your information and provide you with a loan inside legal limitations.
  2. If you’re worried about massive interest rates, don’t be. By law, we’re required to keep our annual percentage rates within 10% or less. Violating this law constitutes usury, which is a felony. Consider yourself secured.
  3. Repossession is the last thing a title loan company wants to do. We don’t exactly profit from claiming a client’s vehicle. Instead, we prefer that you refinance to get caught up on your title loan debt and pay the rest of it off. We can’t claim your vehicle unless you’re over 30 days late on your payments, so you have plenty of time to make it up.


Forget the Rest

Title loans Lexington do everything that every other type of loan already does, and they do it better than those loan types. Let’s recap on those great benefits:

  1. Bad credit score? No problem.
  2. Need the cash within 24 hours? We’ve got your back.
  3. Worried about interest rates? Don’t sweat it.
  4. Concerned about late payments? Just refinance.

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