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Title Loans Litchfield Park, AZ

Budgeting is a foreign concept for some people, which is why they always run out of money. Unfortunately, making and keeping a monthly budget is not high on the priority list for enough people. When the money runs out, they run around desperately looking for cash. Well, magic money won’t fall from the sky, but cash is easy to get when you choose title loans in Litchfield Park.

What are Title Loans in Litchfield Park?

Title loans in Litchfield Park offer easy money, but it’s not free. Consumers who need money apply for instant cash loans, and they turn over the title certificate to the lender. The lender gives the consumer cash, and places a temporary lien on the car, truck or other vehicle the customer put up as collateral. When the loan is repaid, the borrower gets their title back and lien removed. Title lenders are equal opportunity lenders because their loans are collateral-based, and there is no credit check. If there were a credit check, the lender would have to consider everything in the applicant’s credit report, from their FICO score to those really past due accounts. All the applicants with bad credit would have to be denied. Since that prevents these consumers from being helped financially, title lenders don’t do credit checks.

There are several factors that go in to title loan approval. Applicants have to be old enough, which is at least 18. They need a job or income from somewhere else that helps them afford the regular title loan payments. Applicants need a vehicle to use as collateral, but the state of Arizona does not require the vehicle to have a clear title.

Title Loans Litchfield Park Application

Start the application for title loans in Litchfield Park right now, and in a few hours, you could be holding the loan money you’re looking to get. Make, model, year, style and mileage is all we’re asking about your car, and that’s enough to get an idea of what it’s worth. The value determines your loan offer, which we give you as soon as you submit the application. Crafting a loan package specifically for you needs includes getting more info about your income. You must be able to afford loan payments, but we do our best to work within your budget. Also required to finalize the loan is getting a few more details about your vehicle. We need to make sure its actual value matches our offer. Just as soon as we get everything wrapped up, you get the money.

Arizona Legal Information

  • Interest rates range from 10 percent to 17 percent.
  • Lenders can charge up to five percent of the balance if a loan payment is more than 10 days late.
  • When a vehicle is repossessed and sold, the lender gets all money they are due and money they spent on repossessing and selling the vehicle. Surplus money goes to the borrower.
  • Lenders should have a state-issued license.


  • Money is available as soon as your loan is processed, which is usually in a day or less. Traditional loans take much longer.
  • There is no credit check, which means applicants with good credit and those with bad credit have the same chance of getting auto title loans in Glendale and Litchfield Park.
  • Flexible loan terms allow us to renew or rework your loan so that you get more time to pay us back.
  • Title loans are a better option than a pawn shop, which is where all your valuables will stay until you repay the shop keepers back. Title lenders give you money, and we let you keep your car.
  • Drive your car while taking out the loan.
  • There is always customer support available when you have any questions about title loans. Just give us a ring from the number up top.

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