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Title Loans Los Angeles, CA

A Way Out With Title Loans Los Angeles

Every now and then, adulthood gets the better of us: The bill pile is higher than we remember it, income isn’t what our optimism made it out to be, and the possibility of losing the roof over our heads or the wheels in our driveway seems very real all of a sudden. Some of us don’t have the connections to lend us the money we need in times like these, so who do we turn to?

This is where title loans California step in and change the game. While comparable lending solutions do the job, only title-based lending services can do the following:

  • 24-hour depositing
  • Flexible financing and buyout solutions
  • APRs inside the legal 10% range — never higher
  • Up to tens of thousands of dollars in a single loan
  • Absolutely no credit checks ever

“How does title-based lending get away without credit checks?” The only requirement for the loan is the temporary relinquishment of an all-liens-paid title to any car, truck, motorcycle or motorized boat that’s legally registered to you. This is just for collateral purposes, and once you’ve relieved your loan debt, the title returns to you in its original state.

30-Second Online Applying for Title Loans Los Angeles

Applying for title loans online is probably the easiest thing you’ve done today — yup, even easier than rolling out of bed and putting your clothes on. Why is that, you ask? It’s simple: We kept our application so short and sweet, we bet you could do it in your sleep. To create title loans Los Angeles, all we need are the basics:

  • Name
  • Email address and phone number
  • ZIP code
  • Make, model and mileage of your motor vehicle for evaluation purposes

The reason we need to know about your vehicle is because the title is used as loan collateral, and what gives the title its value is the vehicle that it represents. Don’t worry — we don’t need a fully hashed out inspection, just what you provide us. We then reference the fair market value of the vehicle at the quoted mileage and drum up a quote for you. We also do boat and motorcycle title loans, so your options are expansive.

Usually, one of our auto loan specialists can reach out within 15 minutes or less to discuss your financial situation and get you set up with the money you’ll need. Be prepared to provide evidence of your income and identity — a pay stub and a driver’s license will do. Ideally, we prefer that your income is stable, but we can assist clients who are collecting benefits.

California Law Protects You

Contrary to popular belief, the law strictly cracks down on unethical lending practices. For your peace of mind, we’d like to briefly mention a few of the laws on your side of the exchange:

1. Repossession
A client’s vehicle can’t be seized unless they’ve failed to pay off or refinance their loan inside the 30-day late period following the end of the original loan term.

2. Usury
No short-term lending service may assess overhead rates in excess of 10% under any circumstances. Violating this law constitutes a felony known as usury.

3. Licensing
All representatives who distribute title loans Los Angeles must be licensed in order to do so. This ensures the safety of our clients and their personal information.

Any Questions?

With the lowest APRs, the fastest delivery rates, flexible payment plans and no credit checks on top, title loans Los Angeles keep it real. Unlike other lending companies, we’re not in the business of predatory lending — our loan solutions minimize overhead costs on the client to make repayment easy and quick. With loan sums of up to five figures, you’ll no doubt have the right amount of cash in time to knock out those bills by tomorrow.

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