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Title Loans Mason, OH

Mason is a city in Warren County, Ohio and is located about 22 miles from Cincinnati. Mason is one of the wealthiest communities in Greater Cincinnati and in 2013 was ranked 7th out of the 50 best places to live. The Lindner Family Tennis Center, where top tennis tournaments are played, is in Mason. There’s over 300 acres of land dedicated to a variety of recreational activities such as fishing, biking, playgrounds, swimming pools and ball fields. Mason City Schools maintain top rankings, are recipients of Blue Ribbons for Excellence and have produced many National Merit Semifinalists and Scholars. There are 90 plus corporations headquarted or operating in Mason, including Proctor & Gamble, Cintas, Mitsubishi Electric and Heinz.

If you’re tired of being rejected by mainstream lenders, maybe it’s time to look at a non-traditional way to get money. Title lenders have a policy of acceptance for all types of credit for title loans in Mason.

What are Title Loans Mason?

Some non-traditional lenders offer funding to customers who pledge a vehicle as loan collateral. The customer has to give the lender the vehicle title to keep during their loan term, but the title goes back to the borrower when they repay the loan. Title loans in Mason don’t require applicants to have a credit check. While this speeds up loan processing time, it also creates an open opportunity for people with poor or bad credit to get a loan. They are routinely rejected for loans from mainstream lenders.


Before they apply online secured loans, an applicant has to be 18 or older. They either need a job, or they need to have some form of income so they have money to make loan payments. Any vehicle used as collateral must be the legal property of the applicant, and the vehicle should not have liens.

Title Loans Mason Application

Spend under five minutes on an application for title loans in Mason, and get an estimate showing you how much money is ready-and-waiting for you. Our loan offer could change somewhat after we start processing the loan because we need to learn more about your vehicle’s condition. Vehicle in excellent condition or those with upgrades can sometimes get a higher loan offer. Loan processing also includes us setting up a repayment plan, collecting your title and getting you to sign a loan contract. In under 24 hours, everything is finalized, and you can collect the money.

Ohio Legal Information

Lenders may charge up to 30 percent interest. They must inform a customer when the customer’s vehicle is about to be repossessed. Before that repossessed vehicle is sold, the lender must tell the borrower the date, time and location of the sale at least 10 days ahead of time. From the sale amount, the lender keeps what they are owed on the delinquent loan account and any money they spent on repossessing and selling the vehicle. Any money left over goes to the borrower.

Benefits of Title Loans

  • Nobody gets you cash faster than a title lender. We deliberately pared down our applications and processing time so you can get cash quicker. Unlike traditional lenders, our cash is allocated the same day most of our clients apply for a loan.
  • Not having a credit check is another way we help our clients. It saves time and keeps you from being denied for a loan. If your credit is not so great, and you apply at a bank, you’ll probably hear the word no nearly every time. When you apply for a title loan, and your credit is bad, just put up a vehicle to secure the loan. You’ll hear the word yes over and over again. Bad credit does not stand in the way of anyone getting title loans in Cincinnati and Mason.
  • Title lenders offer discreet and private transactions.
  • Title lenders give you a loan and let you drive away in the collateral. We just need to keep the title certificate.
  • Fluid payment terms means we renew your loan so you have more payback time if a situation arises where you are struggling to pay the debt off by the original deadline. You also have the option to pay us back early.
  • Interest rates are normally lower with title loans than they are with other similar loans.

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