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Title Loans Millersport, OH

Millersport is a beautiful community in Fairfield County, Ohio, named for Matthias Miller, who set up the village in 1825. The local post office also named Millersport, started operations in 1839. The community is made up of rural farms and features a well known vacation spot, Buckeye Lake, which was constructed as a canal feeder lake in 1826. The lake offers boating, sailing, fishing, swimming and ice skating and fishing, among other things. A part of the Ohio-Erie Canal passes through the community, adding to its beauty. Millersport hosts the annual Sweet Corn Festival during the first week of September and features food, games and some of the best sweet corn to feast on.

Love is what caused you to take on the responsibility of caring for an elderly relative, but love doesn’t pay the bills. Trying to pay for the medicine and other things they need that insurance doesn’t cover is tapping you out, and the situation is getting scary. While this situation may not be exactly what you’re going through, you can certainly understand the stress of running out of money. Well, fortunately, there is a way to get extra money that can relieve your stress. Title loans in Millersport can put money in your wallet in less than a day.

What are Title Loans Millersport?

A title loan is when a person trades their vehicle title certificate for a loan. It is a short-term transaction in which the lender keeps the title until the lender pays off the loan. There is no credit check required for loan approval, which means people with any type of credit can be approved. Loan amounts are based solely on the value of the vehicle used as loan security, and most loans are approved within a day.


Applicants for title loans in Millersport need to be 18 years or older and have proof of identification. They must own the vehicle used for loan security, and the vehicle needs to be lien-free. Applicants need a job or another source of money, such as disability payments.

Title Loans Millersport Application

It doesn’t get any easier or faster to get money than with an online application for title loans. When you submit the application, which only takes a few minutes to complete, you get an instant loan quote. That tells you how much money you’re looking to take home when the loan is fully processed. And, that happens pretty quickly, too. We just need to work out a few details, such as the repayment schedule, and you’re ready to get your money.

Ohio Legal Information

Interest rates are allowed up to 30 percent on title loans. Lenders must give some type of notice to a borrower before repossessing their vehicle. Before selling that vehicle, the lender must tell the borrower at least 10 days in advance when and where the vehicle will be sold. They must also tell the borrower exactly how much money is owed on their account. Money from the vehicle’s sale will go to cover what is owed the lender, and excess funds go to the borrower.


  • Money is available for you in less than a day with title loans in Millersport, which is much faster than traditional loans and some other types of funding.
  • The answer is yes when you apply for instant online loans as long as you have the collateral and meet the other requirements. Something that is not required is a credit check. Banks check your credit, which is why they tell customers not so very often. Their loan decisions are based on that three-digit credit score number, whereas title lenders base their loan approvals on you having a vehicle to secure the loan.
  • You want to keep your business to yourself, and so do we. Title lenders don’t tell your financial business. Unless you tell others, such as family and friends, no one will know you need cash. Of course, you can tell those close to you, if you think they can help. Sometimes they can help, but other times they can’t or won’t, and they may think less of you for not handling your money the way they assume you should.
  • Loan terms are flexible enough to roll over if you need additional time to pay off the loan.

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