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Title Loans Mt. Sterling, OH

Mount Sterling was established between 1826 and 1828, though it had some trouble in its infancy. The post office was first established on June 8, 1830 and closed a short time later on November 15, 1831. It was reopened with the town being incorporated by 1845. Soon afterwards, businesses began opening and by 1873, the city limits had been expanded. Today, Mount Sterling is home to 1,745 residents, representing a 6% increase in recent years. There’s much to do in the area. Some of the most popular attractions in the area are the German Village, Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park, and Schiller Park.

Falling behind on bills is not ideal, but it’s okay if you can catch up quickly. Not catching up quickly enough can put you further behind. Avoid that pitfall by getting the extra money you need with title loans in Mt Sterling.

What are Title Loans Mt Sterling?

Most people think of a car as something they pay for and put money into through gas, maintenance and upgrades, but vehicles can also help you get money. Title loans in Mt Sterling offer vehicle owners the chance to use their car, truck or motorcycle as collateral for a loan. When the consumer applies for a title loan, they are agreeing to pledge their vehicle as loan security, allow the lender to place a temporary lien on it and allow the lender to keep the title certificate while the loan is active. When the loan is paid off, the title is returned, and the lien is removed. Borrower’s collateral offers enough security for the loan that the lender chooses not to do a credit check. This allows everyone, regardless of their credit score, the same opportunity to be approved for a title loan.


Borrowers must be at least 18 and own the vehicle pledged for the title loan. Pledged vehicles need a clear title. Borrowers either need to be employed or get money through unemployment benefits, alimony or another source.

Applications for Title Loans Mt Sterling

Getting money through title loans in Mt Sterling might sound too good to be true, but they are a legitimate form of lending. There are some difference between the title loan application process and a more traditional lending route. For example, the title loan application is much shorter than a bank loan, and it only requires you to provide your name and contact information and some minor details about your vehicle. We can use that info to make an initial loan offer. Then, we talk specifics, including more details about your vehicle’s condition. This extra info helps us finalize the loan offer, and we can work out other details so that you don’t have to wait to get your money.

Ohio Legal Information

Interest rates can go as high at 30 percent. Lenders must give borrowers 10 days notice before selling their vehicle.

Benefits of Title Loans

Auto title loans in Columbus and Mt Sterling are approved through collateral, not a credit check. It doesn’t matter if your FICO score is perfect or less than perfect. Not having a lender scour your credit history looking for your past mistakes can relieve the stress associated with trying to get a loan. That’s because you won’t live in fear that a low score will trigger an automatic denial. Getting your loan approved helps lower your stress level even more. All the panic, anxiety and worry of not having enough cash is gone because you got the money.

Instant online title loans can help you solve your short-term money problems, and let you get on with life. But, shorter is not always better. Even when you believe you can make all payments in your original loan term, sometimes you just can’t. Sometimes, you just need a little more time. The good news is that title lenders understand, and we’re here to help. When a borrower is struggling, they just need to let us know, and we can renew the loan or roll it over so that more payment time is added.

Title loans are often the small dollar loans with the lowest interest rates. That means borrowers end up paying less with title loans than with other similar types of funding options.

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