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Title Loans Nampa, ID

Have You Heard of Title Loans Nampa, Idaho?

Are you struggling with a financial problem? Is your credit damaged? You’re not alone. We at Title Loans Online help people like you every single day. Circumstances beyond your control took a toll on your credit history. You may be financially responsible now, but your credit will remain damaged for seven years. It isn’t fair, is it?

So, when you need money you’ve got almost nowhere to turn. You don’t want to go to a pawn shop where you’ll only get a few dollars for your valuables. You certainly don’t want to waste your time getting a payday loan, because you’ll have to repay it on your next payday, which could be as soon as this Friday! Forget about bugging your family members, who will probably say no and then avoid you at the next family gathering.

But there is one place you can turn: title loans Nampa! Car title loans are borrowing options specifically designed to help people in your situation. Auto title loans Nampa are no-credit-check, secured loans that use the title to a car you own as collateral.

How Title Loans Nampa Work

The most important element for qualifying for Idaho title loans is owning a car outright. This means you don’t owe the seller any money and you have the title in your possession, in your name. Bring the vehicle to us. We’ll inspect it and offer you a loan amount based on its fair market value. You’ll fill out a short application, sign your paperwork and we’ll hand over the money in exchange for the title. We’ll file for a temporary lien on your title; all this means is we have the right to take the car if you don’t make your payments and won’t work with us to get your account in good standing. Don’t worry: repossessions rarely happen. When you pay off the loan, we’ll remove the lien and return your title. Best of all, you get to keep your car for the entire duration of the loan.

How to Apply for Car Title Loans

Start the application process for title loans Nampa by getting your loan quote. You can do that right now. Select the link for the loan quote form, then select your vehicle’s make, model, year of manufacture and mileage from the drop-down menu. Then, provide us with your full name, zip code and phone number. Our system will use your vehicle’s information to generate a quote. Then, we’ll give you a call. This is a good time to ask questions and get updates on any title loan news in Idaho.

We’ll make an appointment for you to visit us at one of our convenient locations in the Nampa area if you’re ready to complete the full application. When you come, you’ll need to bring a few things with you. These are:

  • The title (no copies)
  • The car
  • Your photo identification
  • Proof of address
  • Pay stubs or bank statements for past two months

If you aren’t currently employed, we may still be able to work with you. Do you receive income from a different source like child support, alimony, pension, disability or unemployment insurance? We can consider all these in your application. Tell us what your income source is and we’ll do all we can for you.

Title Loans are Safe and Legal

Have you heard that auto title loans are bad news? Have you heard they may not even be legal? It’s true that some states have outlawed car title loans, but not Idaho. Title loans Nampa are perfectly legal. State laws require applicants to be at least 18, legal residents and have the title in their own names. If you’ve misplaced your title, stop by the county vehicle licensing office and apply for a duplicate. At the time this article is being written, it costs $28 to get a duplicate title in Idaho.

We Say Yes When Everyone Else Says No

Are you sick of being worried about money? Are you tired of having doors slammed in your face by banks and credit unions? Then come to us. We’re proud of our reputation for giving people second chances. Find out what you qualify for today and let us get you the money you deserve!

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