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Title Loans New Braunfels, TX

If you’re in a tight spot when it comes to needing money, your favorite search might be how you can get some easy cash to take care of your needs.

More often than not the only way you can get cash is through finding another job, finding things to sell or trying your luck with the lottery. But what if there was another way you could do it through applying for car title loans in New Braunfels, TX?

Normally you probably try to stay away when you hear about loans, but car title loans don’t come with the kind of restrictions that most traditional loans come with. In fact, title loans are really a way you can take cash out of your car without having to sell it.

To get our Texas title loans online, you’ll simply need to own a vehicle that’s worth enough to be approved for the loan amount you want.

Car title loans online are secured loans that borrowers can usually be approved for up to half the vehicle’s value in loan amount, but it’s not the vehicle itself that’s held as collateral; it’s the title.

Simply put, when you signup for a title loan you’ll hand over the title, but you’ll get to keep driving the vehicle while you pay the loan back, and once it’s paid your title will be returned. Applying for title loans is really very simple.

What You Need To Apply For Title Loans New Braunfels, TX

You can get started applying for car title loans in New Braunfels right here when you fill in basic information about your vehicle. The following will be used to give you a quote for a title loan amount:

  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle model
  • Vehicle year
  • Vehicle mileage estimate

The final loan amount you get will be determined by a vehicle inspection at one of our lender’s stores when you go in to sign your agreements. Generally our quotes are very accurate for vehicles in good condition. Once you sign the documents indicating your agreement to repay the loan and understand its interest rates, you’ll know shortly whether or not you’re approved.

Texas Laws For Title Loans New Braunfels, TX

One good thing about living in Texas is there aren’t a lot of legal barriers in the way of getting car title loans, but there are still some laws that lenders and borrowers must follow. You have to be 18 or older, reside in Texas and completely own your vehicle to get a title loan. To verify you meet these requirements, the lender will need to see the following documents:

  • Driver’s license, passport, military ID, or other photo ID that’s government-issued
  • The official Texas title for your vehicle, and it must not have lien holders listed on it
  • One other document such as utility bill, pay stub or other address verification

The most important laws to know about are what could happen if you do not make your payments as agreed. Usually the lender can offer a rollover, or you might be able to refinance your title loan to a more easier schedule. You may be able to sell your vehicle too, but you may need to consult a legal expert before undertaking these steps.

Title Loans Have Great Flexibility

Car title loans generally accept nearly every applicant even if they have bad credit. That’s because since they’re secured loans, they don’t need to weigh whether or not a borrower is a risk. So when you apply for a title loan, your credit will not even be checked. You can learn more about title loans by calling us or looking at our FAQ.

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