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Title Loans Pasadena, TX

Getting Money Right Away with Title Loans Pasadena

Money issues can spring up out of nowhere, and unfortunately, they’re one of the biggest sources of stress. They can affect you from the second you get up in the morning to when you go to bed at night.

Fortunately, when you need quick cash, there’s always the option of title loans Pasadena. The only requirement is that you own a car. The application process is as fast as it gets for any type of loan.

What can you do with your title loan? That’s your call. You could pay for a home repair. You could finance a business launch. You could pay for your kid’s school supplies, or anything else you think of.

The online title loan company will issue the loan, but it doesn’t put any limits on how you can use the money.

Applying for Title Loans Pasadena Online

You’ll likely find that running a search for Houston TX title loans brings up quite a few lenders, and it can be hard to narrow down the results. To make the search process easier for you, we’ve developed a simple online application for title loans in Pasadena, TX, and you’ll find that here on our site. It’s a short application that you can start by punching in the following info regarding your car:
• Year
• Make
• Model
• Approximate Mileage

After that, finishing the form will only require this basic contact info:
• Your full name
• Your phone number
• Your ZIP code

Your car’s info gives us what we need to calculate your free title loan estimate. If your car is in good condition, this estimate will give you an accurate idea of how much money you could borrow through a title loan.

We’ll also tell one of our friendly loan reps to follow up with you by phone at their earliest convenience. They will be able to connect you with a nearby lender.


How Title Loans Work in Texas

There are quite a few title loan frequently asked questions, but here is what you need to know about how they work.

You secure your title loan by using your car as collateral. The lender hangs on to your car title while you pay off the loan, but not your car. In Texas, there’s no maximum amount you can borrow, but there is an interest rate cap of 10 percent. There may be extra fees on top of the interest, though.

Most title loan companies in Texas and across other states will set title loan terms of 30 days. In Texas, the limit is 180 days. This means that even if you end up extending your title loan, you can’t extend it any further than 180 days.

Title Loan Benefits

It doesn’t take much time to get a title loan, as you can usually get one within an hour of when you visit a title loan company. There aren’t many borrower requirements – you really just need your ID, your car and its title. You won’t even need to authorize a credit check, because the lender won’t perform that.

You’ll get to keep your car throughout the term of your title loan, which means you won’t need to worry about looking for any alternate forms of transportation during that time.

If you can’t pay your title loan in full, you can pay just the interest and fees to extend it for another term. This is a convenient option if you’re running low on cash and need more time to pay back what you borrowed.

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