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Title Loans Plaquemine, LA

Just because someone appears to have it all together doesn’t make it true. In fact, many people are barely keeping it together because they only make enough money to just get by. Heaven forbid something happens to add to their expenses because it could push the person into financial despair. This type of situation is all too common, but there is a very easy way to stay afloat in turbulent financial times. Just apply for title loans in Plaquemine, and extra money to cover your expenses could be in your hands in a few hours.

What are Title Loans Plaquemine

Simply put, title loans are personal loans that a borrower secures on their own by using a vehicle as collateral. Title lenders accept cars, trucks and other vehicles as loan security, and they require borrowers to give them the title while the loan is active. Once it’s paid off, the lender gives the title back to the borrower. These simple transactions don’t include a credit check, which could complicate matters. Without the credit check, anyone with collateral has the same chance of getting title loans in Plaquemine. Qualifying is easy. Applicants need to be at least 18. They need either a job or some other type of income that helps them to afford their loan payments. Various vehicle types are allowed, but it must be owned by the applicant, and the applicant’s name should be on the registration documentation.

Applications for Title Loans Plaquemine

You’re already struggling financially. Why make it even harder on yourself by procrastinating when it comes to title loans in Baton Rouge and Plaquemine? The application is short and easy, so you can’t say you’re not filling it out because you hate paperwork. If you’re dreading the time it takes us to work out a final loan package, don’t. That process is quick, and we don’t ask for or require anything out of the ordinary. We do need a little more information about your vehicle and your income, but we don’t need tax returns or anything that complicated. Everything is short, quick and simple. In just a few hours, the loan is processed and the money is yours.

Louisiana Legal Info

Louisiana Consumer Credit Law is used to guide some aspects of the title loan industry. Lenders are barred from making loans less than $350, and the time borrowers are allowed to pay a loan back cannot be less than two months.

Title Loan Benefits

  • Get money fast, or get money eventually. There really is no choice. Cash loans online offer fast cash, which is usually the same day you apply for the loan. Bank loans, if you’re approved, offer cash a week or more after your apply.
  • Title loans allow you to get quick and easy money without hassle. For instance, you won’t have to gather up all your valuables and pawn them for cash, then leave them at the pawn shop until you pay the money back. All during that time, you are without things you want or need, such as your television. Another hassle would be you having to work overtime or get a second job to earn the money you need. Not only would that eat up most of your free time, it would take a couple of weeks or more to see an increase in your finances. There is no time to wait that long when your money needs are immediate.
  • Whether you choose to park in the driveway or use it daily for work and other transportation needs, your vehicle stays with you. We don’t have the space or energy to keep your vehicle.

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