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Title Loans Pontiac, SC

Using Title Loans In Pontiac, SC For Gift Shopping

Have you ever really wanted to give somebody special a gift that you didn’t know how to pay for? Have you ever had a child’s birthday party you needed to buy supplies and presents for but couldn’t? Or have you had holiday decorating and gift needs come at a tough time? You don’t want the people in your life who you love to think you don’t care or forgot about them, so what do you do when you have trouble turning up money to buy them presents with? Maybe you look in a charity closet where they’re giving things away, or maybe you look into getting car title loans in Pontiac, SC with our company.

Title loans allow you to get money that you can use to buy anything including birthday, anniversary or holiday gifts. Even though they are loans, they don’t work the way that bank loans or credit cards do. Instead of having a loan guaranteed on the basis of your credit history, a title loan is secured by your vehicle and what it’s currently worth. But instead of giving up your vehicle itself to the lender, all you need to give up is just its title so you can continue using it as normal. So how does all this work?


Here’s How To Apply For Title Loans Pontiac, SC

To apply for our title loans, you begin by entering information about your vehicle in our application fields. That information will include your vehicle’s make, model, mileage and year. What we’ll do is calculate a rough estimate of the maximum principal you could get for the loan, and then contact you to setup an appointment with one of our title loan lenders. When you meet with them, they’ll go over the details of your loan including the payment schedule and interest rates, and while your signing the final documents they will inspect and appraise your vehicle to make sure it’s worth the amount you need. But they’ll also need to verify that you’re at least 18, live in South Carolina, own your vehicle and can pay back the title loan. That’s why you’ll need to bring the following:

  • Government photo ID
  • Your vehicle title with no liens
  • Utility bill, paycheck, bank statement, lease copy or other document to prove your income and verify your address


There Are Laws About Title Loans Pontiac, SC

While the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau does put out some advisories and limits on car title loans, all title loans are mostly regulated at the state level, and South Carolina has its own state laws and codes about title loans. You can find most of them listed here, but you may need look up your local ordinances to see what they say about title loans in Pontiac, SC. These regulations are meant to protect you and the lender, so when you read your agreement such as how long the lender’s term for the loan lasts and what their interest rate policy is, learn the regulations before signing any paperwork.


Our Title Loans Are Issued Quickly

We know one of the most frustrating things about applying for loans is the slow speed of approval and receiving your funds. Our lenders believe that your time is of the utmost importance, so when you apply for title loans with us, our lenders make sure the approval happens very quickly. Even more so, our lenders can make sure you get your funds within one business day or less so that you can buy your gifts or pay that bill that’s been long overdue.

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