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Title Loans Port Allen, LA

Living paycheck to paycheck is dangerous because even a minor emergency can wipe out your money. If an emergency happens before you build up a rainy day fund, consider title loans in Port Allen as a source of fast cash.

What are Title Loans Port Allen?

Title loans in Port Allen allow anyone who owns a vehicle to use that piece of property to get money through a non-bank lender. Simply apply for a title loan, pledge your vehicle as collateral, and give the title certificate to the lender when you are approved. While you make payments, the lender keeps the title, but you get to keep the car. When you pay the lender their money back, they give you the title. There is no need to run your credit when you use vehicles as collateral, so if you have bad credit or your credit is just not good enough, you can still get a title loan. Qualified applicants own the vehicle they’re using as collateral, and there are not liens. The person is at least 18, and they are employed or get money from another source, such as alimony.

Applications for Title Loans Port Allen

Wondering if title loans in Port Allen are a good idea is not a waste of time, but it doesn’t get you where you need to be, which is wherever you can get money. Just completing the application doesn’t obligate you to get the loan, so go ahead, and fill it out. It only takes a few minutes, and most of the info you’re providing is your car’s make, model, and other details. As soon as we get your application, we give you a loan offer so you get an idea of how much money you could receive. It’s your choice whether or not to proceed with the loan. Proceeding means we start processing your application. This includes getting more information about the condition of your car in order to firm up the loan amount. We also get information about your income, and set up a payment plan. Normally, it takes much less than one day to process a loan, and borrowers get their cash right away.

Louisiana Legal Information

Louisiana’s Consumer Credit Law regulates some aspects of the title lending industry. This includes lending amounts, which are prohibited from being under $350. Also included are the time it takes to pay off loans, which must be at least 60 days.

Title Loan Benefits

  • Immediate access to money when you need it most is just business as usual for lenders of online car title loans. Our applications only take a few minutes to complete, and processing only takes a little while longer. Money is typically placed in your hands or your bank account within the day.
  • There is no credit check to block your loan approval. Title lenders don’t use your payment history to decide if you get a loan. Bankers do that, but title lenders believe you and your credit score don’t have to be linked in order to get title loans in Baton Rouge and Port Allen.
  • Title loans actually help relieve the stress and tension in your life. When you were fretting over not having enough cash to do what you need, pressure and anxiety were your constant companions. When you got the good news that you were approved for a title loan, all the worry about what you couldn’t pay for had to go.
  • Title loans can actually be less expensive when you compare them to other short-term loans because title loans typically have lower interest rates.

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