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Title Loans Prairieville, LA

Does it seem like every time you get a little bit ahead something happens to push you back? Everyone has occasional setbacks, but some people have setback after setback, which puts them deeper and deeper into a financial mess. One day things may turn around, but until then, there is a way to get more money to solve your financial problems. Title loans in Prairieville are easy, hassle-free and approved in hours.

What are Title Loans Prairieville?

Money is parked in your driveway day after day while you struggle to make ends meet. Well, end the financial drought by tapping into those funds. You don’t have to sell your car, but you must be willing to use it as loan collateral. A title lender will give you money in exchange for you letting them put a temporary lien against your vehicle and allowing them to keep your title certificate when the loan is active. Once your financial crisis is over, and you pay the loan back, the lender will return your title, and remove the lien. Title loans in Prairieville are easy loans in every way, and they’re open to just about anyone because there is no credit check. Good, bad and non-existent credit are all the same when loans are based on collateral.


Borrowers must be at least 18 years old to apply for online secured loans. They need to either have a job or get money from another source, such as unemployment benefits. The vehicle used for loan security has to be owned by the borrower, and it should be lien-free.

Applications for Title Loans Prairieville

Title loans are a tremendous opportunity to get fast cash for any reason you need money. Take a few minutes to complete the application for title loans in Prairieville. Just put in your vehicle model, name, mileage and year, and get an estimate instantly for how much your car is worth. We only need a little bit of your time to draw up a loan package, and we’ll probably have the cash ready for you right after that. We work quickly because you need the money quickly.

Louisiana Legal Information

There are no specific title loan laws in Louisiana, as of 2016, but lenders must abide by state consumer credit laws. Title loans must be more than $350, and loan terms must be at least two months long.

Title Loan Benefits

In less than a day, you could get the money you need through title loans in Prairieville. With our streamlined application and processing, most of our clients get a payout in just hours. Plus, they get loan approval without a credit check. While some lenders rely solely on an applicant’s three digit credit score when making loan decisions, title lenders rely on collateral. We believe our clients are much more than a simple number, and we choose to treat them as human beings who are having a temporary money crisis.

Title loans are better than some other funding options, such as taking on more work. You can ask the boss for more hours, but that money will take a week or two to hit your paycheck. Plus, a few extra hours probably won’t give you the kind of cash you need. You could get a second job, but you need find it first, and that will take time. Then, there are a couple of weeks before you get paid. When money is needed now, you don’t have the luxury of waiting to get paid from extra hours or an extra job. You need money instantly, and you get it with title loans in Baton Rouge and Prairieville.

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