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Title Loans San Diego, CA

A New Way With Title Loans San Diego

Have you found yourself embattled against a seemingly insurmountable foe on the financial front? Perhaps a significant expense has suddenly presented itself to you — a necessary repair for your car or phone, a plane ticket to see a sick relative, or maybe you simply wound up shorthanded by your employer. Whatever the cause, you don’t have enough of the green stuff to power through it, and your connections’ pockets are inside-out. Who do you trust to help you in a time like this?

Fortunately, California title loans are here to make you go “whew”. Before you reel in horror, let’s get the facts straight: Not every title-based lending company is crooked — we’re living proof of that. In fact, we’re not just honest and ethical; we’re also the most efficient providers of short-term lending solutions for those who need a leg-up on their finances. Our services include:

  • Loan sums averaging four figures
  • Deposit rates averaging within a few hours
  • Breathe-easy payment scheduling
  • Refinancing and buyout programs
  • Lowest interest rates among lenders of our caliber
  • Zip for credit checks

Applying Online for Title Loans San Diego

Applying for title loans online doesn’t have to be a hassle. While our competitors are out there putting their customers through all the muss and fuss of an application that needs everything from the name of your firstborn child to the birthrights of your long lost ancestors, we’re right here asking for these details:

  • Name
  • Phone number and email address
  • Mileage, make, model and style of a vehicle to which you own the title

The fundamental function of title loans San Diego means there’s no need to know about your credit history. All we really need from you is the title to any automobile that you legally possess, which we hold as collateral until you pay the loan off. During this time, you may still use your vehicle as normal, as this exchange doesn’t entitle us to lay a finger on it unless you refuse to pay off the loan.

We recommend that your title have no liens against it and that you can furnish us with evidence of a strong and steady income situation. We understand that what often lands people in the situation of requiring title loans San Diego is the lack of such a job, and we’re here to tell you that it’s not a reason to bar eligibility — it’s only a plus if you can provide evidence to show it.

Legal Implications and Protection

  1. You’ve probably heard horror stories about lenders who assess 500% APRs on their lending “solutions”, and unfortunately, they’re quite real. The good news is, there’s a 10% limit on interest assessment, and honest lenders must abide by this figure to avoid claims of usury, which is a felony. You’re protected.
  2. We don’t know what our competition is doing from behind their desks, but we stick to the California law that we staff our phones and fax machines with representatives who’ve passed all necessary educational and legal trials to earn their licensing. What we’re trying to tell you is, your sensitive information is in good hands.
  3. Worried about seizure? Don’t be. By law, we can’t do anything to your title while it’s in our possession. What’s more is, we can’t do anything to the vehicle itself unless you allow the loan to fall more than 30 days overdue on payments without refinancing. Title loan relief doesn’t have to be a punishment.

Better Than Cash Advance or Payday

With title loans San Diego, our mission is to dig you out of your situation, not push you further into it. That’s why we keep our fees low and our APRs even lower, and that’s back-to-back with our plethora of financing options and scheduling flexibility. Remember, every valley is only a valley because there are mountains around them — we’re here to get you back on top once more.

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