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Title Loans Schertz, TX

Most parents welcome back-to-school time while many students dread going back. What parents may dislike about this time is probably the money they have to spend. Even when a child attends public school, there are expenses.

Clothes and shoes or uniforms, as well as paper, pencils and other supplies the child needs can really add up. Some schools ask parents to pay for classroom supplies as well, which is even more money out of pocket.

Planning ahead helps, but if you’re one of those of people without any extra cash to set aside for back-to-school expenses, there is a way to get the money you need.

Title loans Schertz are ready and waiting for you to apply and be approved. You get to use your car as collateral, and there’s no credit check.

With great credit, you can go to a mainstream lender for help, but with more than half of Americans living with bad credit, that’s not an option for most people. By eliminating the credit check and relying on collateral, the people who need financial help the most can actually get help.

Qualifying to Title loans Schertz

Your car qualifies you for the loan. Actually, you get to use a car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle. Your loan amount is based on your vehicle’s value, so if you have more than one car and want more money, choose the one with the highest retail value.

Owning the car is a must, and the title should be clear. To apply, you need to be 18 or older and have an income. Working is great, but it’s not necessary. Low income loans like these are made to unemployed people all the time, as long as they have another type of income, such as disability benefits.

Applying for Title Loans in Schertz, TX

There’s really no need to delay applying for title loans Schertz, especially when you have an urgent cash need. We’ve made the online title loan application very simple.

That gives you access any day of the week and at any time, which means you get to skip a visit to the loan office and can apply when it works within your schedule.

When you do apply, know that it will be quick and painless, meaning it will only take a few minutes. You only need to provide a bit of info about your car and yourself. Also, let us know about your income and how to get in touch with you. Once the application is submitted, you get a loan quote and a call from an experienced loan rep to verify your information.

During our chat, we’ll also fill in any blanks on your application. This might mean you tell us more about your vehicle and its condition, as well as more about your income. Processing never long, which works well for you because it means the cash gets to you faster. Most loans are awarded within a day of an application submission.

Legal Guidelines

To ensure the auto title loan industry is regulated and has common standards, Texas requires lenders to be licensed, and interest charges are limited to 10 percent. There is no limit on loan amounts.


• Easy applications and rapid processing.
• Get the money in less than 24 hours on most Schertz title loans.
• Bad credit isn’t a problem because there’s no credit check.
• You can renew your loan if you need more time to pay it back.
• Keep the car during the loan term.
• Interest rates are lower auto title loans San Antonio and Schertz, TX than for other types of short-term loans, including payday loans and cash advances.

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