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Title Loans Shenandoah, LA

Needing money isn’t always a matter of having to catch up on bills or pay for a small crisis. There are times when money is needed for that little something extra you want to buy just because you want something new or special. Everyone has a wish list, but instead of always window shopping those items, get the money, and buy them. Title loans in Shenandoah can give you the cash you want in a matter of hours, allowing you to go shopping as soon as possible.

What are Title Loans Shenandoah?

Title loans in Shenandoah give potential borrowers a chance to get a personal loan by using their car, truck or other vehicle as loan security. The lender puts a temporary lien against the borrower’s vehicle until they pay the money back, and the lender keeps the title during the loan period. Any applicant can apply with an equal chance of being approved for a title loan because there is no credit check. Title lenders view each applicant as a potential client who is more than a three number credit score.


  • Own a vehicle you are willing to pledge for a loan.
  • Vehicle must be lien-free
  • Be 18 or older
  • Be employed or get money from a pension, alimony, unemployment benefits or another source.

Title Loans Shenandoah Application

An online application for title loans can’t get any simpler than ours. All you do is tell us the make, model, year, style and mileage of your vehicle. We do need your name and a way to contact you, but the car details are all we need to get the vehicle’s value, and make a loan offer. If you’re interested in what we’re offering, we need to get a few more details about your vehicle to solidify the loan amount. You’ll also give us a few details about your income, and we’ll set up a payment plan that fits your budget. After we finish the loan package and get the title certificate, you get the cash.

Louisiana Legal Information

While there are no specific title loan laws in Louisiana, lenders are regulated by the state’s Consumer Credit Law. Loan terms have a minimum of two months, and loan amounts may not go below $350.

Title Loan Benefits

  • There’s no such things as a money tree, but cash is so easy to get with title loans that it might make you wonder if the lender has one. Title lenders don’t have magically financing abilities, but we do have the ability to approve loans easily and at a higher rate than mainstream lenders. We have a short application and quick processing, and we don’t do credit checks. You are more than a three number score, and you deserve funding just like everyone else.
  • You don’t have to pawn all your valuables to get the money. When you pawn things you have to leave them with the dealer until you pay off the debt.
  • You don’t have to beg people you know for cash.
  • You don’t have to be stressed out anymore because you don’t have enough money to pay for your necessities.
  • Pay off the loan early if you want, or pay it later than originally planned. Let us know if you need more time, and we can rework your loan to extend the payoff date.
  • Interest rates are competitive enough between small dollar lenders that you actually save money by getting a title loan versus another short-term lending option.
  • Keeping your car is one of the extra benefits of car title loans in Baton Rouge and Shenandoah.

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