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Title Loans South Mountain Village, AZ

Intro to Title Loans South Mountain Village

Have you ever found yourself skipping a special occasion because you didn’t have enough money in your bank account? Maybe you went without paying your utility bills for a few weeks because of a lack of funds or told your kids they couldn’t go on a school trip because you couldn’t stretch your finances enough. At Title Loans Online, we believe that everyone deserves the extra cash that they need. That is why we offer secured loans online for all residents of South Mountain Village.

South Mountain Village is one of the urban villages and neighborhoods that make up South Phoenix. Living here puts you close to the professional teams and fun attractions in Phoenix, but you’ll find that the area has a lower crime rate and more opportunities than the big city does. With one of our title loans South Mountain Village car owners can now borrow money without wasting a lot of time at the bank first. Our loans are much easier to obtain than a traditional bank loan and come with easy repayment terms too. We even let you apply online to let you easily find out if you qualify without leaving your office or the comfort of your home.

Title Loans South Mountain Village Applications

We’re proud of our fast title loans online application, which we created with our borrowers in mind. You can actually complete that application in just a few minutes because it only asks you a few simple questions. Some of those questions ask about your contact information. We require a name, phone number and a zip code. The zip code lets us know which one of our local offices you will go through. We then ask for the type of vehicle you want to borrow against, including its make, model and year. You also need to let us know the mileage on that vehicle. We let you borrow against any vehicle that you own outright. As long as you have a clean title with your name on it, you can borrow against a car, truck, motorcycle, even van. We made it very easy for you to borrow, so when that emergency hits, or when you need some quick cash, we are always there to help you in any financial situation. With a quick, easy and painless application process you are on your way to getting a title loan that’s right for you.

Arizona Title Loan Laws

All title loans taken out in South Mountain Village are subject to the lending laws put in place by the state o Arizona. Arizona now limits the interest rate that a lender can charge based on the size of the loan. For loans of $500 or less, the maximum rate a lender can charge is 17%. This drops to 15% for loans of up to $2,000, 13% for loans of up to $5,000 and 10% for loans above this amount. The law also states that both parties must sign a loan contract that clearly lists all details relating to the loan. If you default, which means that you miss at least one payment due on your loan, the lender has the right to seize your vehicle as repayment for the loan.

Car Title Loan Benefits

Taking out a loan from your bank can take quite a bit of time. In addition to the hours that you spend filling out paperwork and meeting with a loan officer, you wait days for the application to go through. With our title loans South Mountain Village borrowers like yourself can get a loan in a fraction of the time. You can even get a loan the same week that you apply or within a few business days of completing your application. We can also work with you on your payment terms when you have problems paying on time. At Title Loans Online, we give you the cash that you need.

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