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Title Loans St. George, SC

Not again. That’s what you tell yourself every week or two after you get paid and see that it’s just not enough to cover everything. You’ve been going through this so long that you might not even remember how you got into this mess, but the how of it really doesn’t matter. It’s the getting out of it that you need to focus on. Maybe that’s what you’ve been doing, but you haven’t found the solution. Well, stop searching because the answer you’re looking for could be title loans. They are easy to get, and you could have the money in just a few hours.


What are Title Loans St. George?

Wouldn’t it be great to have the money it takes to pay bills on time or buy the kind of groceries you want to eat instead of only what you can afford? How about having an extra bit after bills to treat yourself to something special. Title Loans St. George help you do that. They are your remedy for a financial drought.

With an auto title loan, you use your car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle as loan collateral. Give the vehicle title to the lender, and you get the loan money. Simple is best when it comes to car title loans because lenders understand what it’s like to need cash right away. Why waste time on another type of loan that might take days or weeks to get the cash to you?

Here’s what you need to qualify for car title loan approval. Be at least 18 and have proof of identification. An income is required but working is not. If you’re unemployed, just show the lender where you get your money, such as retirement benefits or disability payments. Vehicles for collateral are the biggest requirement, and you need to own the one you put up against the loan. The title should be lien-free. There’s no credit check. It does not matter what your score is or what’s in your report. Loan approval is based on vehicle collateral.


Applying for Title Loans St. George

You’ve searched for a title loan near me, landed here, and now you’re ready to apply for Title Loans St. George. This is one of the easiest parts of it all because you get to do it online, it only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be ready to collect the money in no time. Just provide a little information about you and your car. We’ll give you a loan quote and call you to work out the details of a loan package. Nothing is complicated when you choose an auto title loan, which is why we put cash in the hands of most borrowers in less than 24 hours.


Legal Guidelines

• One month loan terms and up to six loan renewals.
• Borrowers can back out of a loan without penalty if done within one business day of accepting the cash.
• Lenders are required to give notice of repossession to the borrower and give the client 20 days to bring the account current to avoid repossession.



• Hassle-free from start to finish. Applications are short, and processing is swift. Loan cash could be awarded within hours.
• A welcoming environment with friendly loan representatives. That means a lot to folks who are often rejected because of bad credit. There’s no need to worry about that with title Loans St. George because everyone is accepted.
• Easier than packing up electronics and other items, and lugging them down to pawn shop.
• Renew your loan up to six times if you need additional time to pay it off.

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