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Title Loans Sun Lakes, AZ

Natural disasters don’t wait for homeowners to move their belongings to safety or take extra precautions to protect their house. Disaster strikes, and people are left to sort through the damages. They’re also left with insurance deductibles, which can sometimes be quite high. Whether it’s your home or another situation that has you scrambling to get more money, we can help. Our online title loan approval means getting cash quickly and easily.

What are Title Loans Sun Lakes?

Title loans in Sun Lakes are a very basic type of personal loan. An applicant puts up a vehicle as collateral, and a lender offers cash based on the value of the vehicle. After approval, the borrower turns over the vehicle title certificate to the lender, who keeps it until the borrower pays off the loan. Lenders also put short-term liens on vehicles used as collateral, but the lien is removed after the loan is repaid. Because there is no credit check, title loans are sometimes known as bad credit online loans because they are available to people with poor and bad credit.

Legally, no one under the age of 18 can apply for and receive a title loan. Applicants have to own the vehicle they’re pledging as loan security. They either need a job or get money through another source so that they can afford to make regular loan payments.

Applications for Title Loans Sun Lakes

How much money you get is determined by the value of the vehicle you’re putting up for collateral. When you apply for title loans in Sun Lakes, you’ll give us the type of car you using and its mileage, and we use that to get a general estimate of its value. We can also do title loans on not only just cars, but motorcycles, RVs and any vehicle that you rightfully own, which makes getting a loan easy and quick, plus you can use that vehicle while you pay the lender back. Then, we make an offer and begin work on the final loan package. During this phase of the loan process, we get more detailed information about the condition of your car to make sure we got the value of it correct. If not, we make adjustments. We also work out a repayment schedule that works with for your budgetary needs. Because everything with title loan processing is fast, you could have the money in a few hours.

Arizona Legal Information

  • Lenders need a state-issued license.
  • Interest rates vary by loan amount and are between 10 and 17 percent. The higher the loan, the lower the rate.
  • Borrowers can use a vehicle as loan collateral that does not have a clear title.
  • Borrowers paying 10 days or more late could be charged a penalty equal to five percent of their loan balance.


  • Everything happens as fast as possible with title loans in Sun Lakes because lenders understand how important it is to get money quickly when your situation is urgent. Our application, processing and money distribution are all bare bones, which helps us help you quicker.
  • You don’t have a credit check, and that is practically unheard of in the lending industry. Title lenders have done away with credit checks because we rely on collateral, which makes your credit history irrelevant.
  • With just one piece of property, you can get your money. If you go to a pawn shop, you’ll need many pieces of your valuable property before you get enough money. When you pawn things, the pawn shop gets to keep them until the debt is repaid, which means you don’t use your own belongings for a certain period of time. With title loans, you get the loan money, and you get to keep using your car. What sense does it make for a title lender to keep your vehicle when we can just hold the title?

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