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Title Loans Tarry Town, SC

If you’ve ever been given a pink slip or seen a loss of employment due to your employer closing up shop, you’re probably ready to tighten your belt, but you still wonder if that’s going to be enough. After all, the world doesn’t pause when you lose your job because you still have to put food on your table and pay bills. Yet what do you do when you need a little money up until you find your next employment? You might ask a friend for a little help in the meantime, or you might contact us to see how our title loans in Tarry Town, SC can help you through this time.

When you really need to borrow money and don’t have time to wait for a loan officer to give you the go-head, or don’t believe that your friends or family will help you, auto title loans are one way to do it. But how do auto title loans work really? If you own a vehicle, you can put up your title as collateral to receive a loan amount that’s about half of the vehicle’s current value. But even though you give up the title, you don’t give up the vehicle itself and you can keep using it while you’re paying the loan off. Once the title loan is paid, you get your title back.

Applying For Title Loans Tarry Town Explained

If you reside in the Tarry Town, SC area, there’s several steps you’ll take to complete the process. First, you’ll fill in our quote request form which will include entering your vehicle’s make, model, year and mileage information followed by your email and phone number. After you get your quote, we’ll contact you shortly and arrange the title loan funding with one of our title loans in Tarry Town lenders. You’ll then meet with them and take care of your loan paperwork.

When you meet with the lender, you’ll need to bring your vehicle to be inspected and appraised so that the lender knows they’re giving you the right loan amount. You’ll also need to prove you’re 18 or older and own your vehicle by bringing the following:

  • Driver’s license, permanent resident card, passport or other verifiable government photo ID
  • Bank statement, pay stub, electric bill or another statement with your physical address on it
  • Your official vehicle title with no lien holders listed on it


Other Laws For Title Loans Tarry Town

Auto title loans are certainly legal in Tarry Town and the rest of South Carolina, but they do have to operate within a legal framework. They’re important to know so you can be protected from any unscrupulous lenders and make sure that you’re getting fair terms for your loan. One important thing to note is that lenders do have to verify you can repay title loans before they can issue them to you, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be employed. If you have a source of income of any kind, most will work with you to make sure you’re approved for your loan. Before you sign any paperwork, you should review South Carolina title loan laws posted here.


No Credit Checks Or Hard Questions For Title Loans

Title loans aren’t restrictive in terms of credit scores a person can have to be approved for them. In fact, even if you’ve had bankruptcies in the past and your credit score is extremely low, you could still be approved for a title loan. And you don’t have to say what you plan to use your title loan money for on your application. Once it’s in your hands, it’s completely yours to use.

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