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Title Loans West Bend, WI

Why You Need To Hold Onto Your Vehicle Title So You Can Use It For Vehicle Title Loans In West Bend, WI

When you purchase a car and you get the title document from the DMV, you not only have your proof of ownership but you also could have a new way to borrow cash whenever you need to. Your title is what’s needed to be approved for and use car title loans in West Bend, WI, and there aren’t a lot of requirements to do so. The main thing you just need to make sure is that the title is in your name and reflects that you’re not making any current payments on the vehicle.

Why You Would Want To Use Vehicle Title Loans In West Bend

There are always times you find yourself needing to find a little extra cash to use for either emergency purposes or to buy something you might not have the cash on hand for at the moment. Our vehicle title loans in West Bend can practically be used for anything you want and we don’t even ask how you plan to use them. Why is that? Because unlike various business loans or even unsecured personal loans that you might get from the bank, car title loans are secured and only require your agreement to repay them.

There is no credit check conducted when you apply for our vehicle title loans online because your vehicle serves as collateral. But we do need to see proof of income to make sure you can repay your loan. Also, even though your vehicle is collateral, we do not keep it when you’re approved for a title loan. All we need is just the title which will be kept in a secure location while you’re using the funds from the loan, and when you repay the loan it will be returned to you.

How Vehicle Title Loans In West Bend Are Calculated

The value of your vehicle is directly related to how much you can receive in a title loan. It could range anywhere from 25℅ of its market value to sometimes up to 50℅ if the vehicle is very new and in great condition. It doesn’t have to be in flawless condition to be approved for one of our vehicle title loans in West Bend, but it should be able to be driven on the road and able to pass the minimum requirements of our inspection. The inspection is conducted at our store prior to approving and releasing the funds to you. Generally, most title loans allow you to borrow from about $400 to about $3,000.

Applying And Being Approved For Our Title Loans

While our store is located in the West Bend area and you can complete the entire application process within the store, you can save a lot of time completing our online application for car title loans in Milwaukee. All you need to do is enter the vehicle information we ask for, and enter your contact information so we can set aside a time for you to visit our store. When you come, you will need to bring your vehicle and title of course, but you will also need the following items:

  1. A driver’s license, military ID, passport or other government-issued care with a current photo of you that shows you are 18 or older and live in Wisconsin.
  2. A bank statement, paycheck stub, W2 form or another document that reflects your monthly income.

What we do is conduct the inspection, go over your documents and then make a decision on approving you for a title loan. Once you receive your funds, you’re free to use them as you wish.

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