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Title Loans West Palm Beach, FL

How Do Title Loans In West Palm Beach, Florida Work In Your Favor?

Sometimes you just come up short for something you need and wonder where you might get a few extra thousand dollars from. Maybe you want to plan a day of fun in West Palm Beach, Florida such as taking a day cruise or engaging in some ocean activities. Maybe you’re looking for something exciting to give that special someone or to host a children’s party. There are so many things that come up that you find yourself trying to save cash for, but sometimes you need to borrow money. The first people you might look to are friends and family, but there are also many reasons why you just might want to avoid asking them for money. If you don’t want to tap the people you know and banks are out of the question, you should look into our title loans West Palm Beach.

Car title loans are not run through banks or lending firms, but instead are run through independent companies who don’t put up as many obstacles for lower income consumers. Basically you need to completely own your vehicle and give your title to the lender in order to get a title loan, but it is returned and cleared after you repay your loan amount. Whatever your car is worth when you apply for a title loan, you can usually expect to get up to half of that amount for the loan principal.


What You’ll Need For Applying For Title Loans West Palm Beach

Our application process for title loans West Palm Beach starts by filling in information about your vehicle itself. You’ll enter in your vehicle’s make, model, year and mileage and your personal contact information so we can send you the quote and arrange for one of our lenders to get in touch with you. The quote you’ll receive is assuming that your vehicle is in good condition based on the information you give, but you’ll need to have your vehicle inspected to make sure it qualifies for that amount.

In addition to bringing your vehicle to be inspected when you go to the lender’s store to fill out the paperwork, you’ll also need to bring a photo ID issued either by the state of Florida or the federal government such as a driver’s license, permanent resident card, a military ID or something similar. You’ll also need to make sure you bring your official vehicle title and one other document such as a pay stub to confirm the following:

  • You are 18 or older
  • You live in the state of Florida permanently
  • You have no liens on your vehicle
  • You have enough income to repay your title loan


Title Loans West Palm Beach And Florida Laws

Title loans are always regulated at the state and local county and city levels, and in addition to the eligibility laws, Florida has a few other laws you should know about. Title loan lenders must be registered to do business with the Florida Office of Financial Regulation, and if you aren’t sure if a lender is licensed, you can look them up the OFR’s website. Also, Florida does have repossession laws on the table if title loans aren’t repaid, but the lender must send a written notice of its intent to do so at least 10 days in advance and must allow the borrower to make the repayment before that time period expires.


Other Reasons To Consider Title Loans

Our services consist of online title loans no credit check because title loans are secured and are meant even for people who have bad credit. Also, your application for a title loan is not reported to any of the three credit bureaus when you complete it. Another great thing about our title loans is our lenders make the approval process go as quick as possible and you could have your funds in as little as 24 hours.

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