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Title Loans Wittmann, AZ

Being prepared for a financial emergency is wise, but it can be really hard to get that fund set up when a paycheck is already stretched too thin. What happens when an actual emergency occurs? That’s when you make a desperate attempt to find money. Fortunately, if you consider title loans in Wittmann, your search can end. The money is easy to get and borrowers get it really fast.

What are Title Loans Wittmann?

Title loans in Wittmann are your way to get money from a financial institution in one of the easiest methods possible. All you need is a car, truck or other vehicle to use as loan collateral. Apply for the loan, give the title certificate to the lender, and receive your money. After you finish making loan payments, you’ll get the title back and lien removed from your car. Other than a vehicle, title loan applicants need to have a job or have income from another source so they have money for loan payments. You have to be at least 18 to apply. You won’t need to worry about your credit score because title lenders don’t do credit checks.

Title Loans Wittmann Applications

A few questions, a few minutes and more than a few dollars for your pocket is what you’ll get when you complete our application for online auto title loans. We only need a few specifics about your car, such as its make and model, and we can make an initial loan offer. Then, we can talk it over to come up with details about the title loan like, the interest rate, and the best lender near you that we vetted. Give us a few more details about the vehicle and your income, and we’ll get you to turn in the vehicle’s title, and sign a loan agreement. In 24 hours or less, your loan could be processed, and you could have the money.

Arizona Legal Information

Lenders must be licensed by the state to offer title loans in Arizona. The state’s Department of Financial Institutions regulates the title loan industry.

Lenders do not have a loan limit but do have interest rate restrictions. The highest monthly interest rate allowed by law is 17 percent for loans of $500 or less. Loans over that amount and up to $2,500 have a maximum interest rate of 15 percent, while loans between $2,501 and $5,000 have a rate of 13 percent. The lowest rate maximum under Arizona law is 10 percent, which is for title loans over $5,000.


Getting money, and getting it fast are undoubtedly the best things about instant online loans in Wittmann. Everyone has an equal chance of being approved because there is no credit check. Anyone with a low FICO score can testify that no credit check is a winner, and it’s why there is such a high rate of approvals with title loans.

Title loans let you keep your financial business to yourself. Lenders are discreet, and we’re not sharing your information. If others find out, it’s because you tell them. One way they could find out is if ask them for money to help you during this difficult time instead of trying a title loan. Even if you only have to ask one person for help, there’s a chance they will tell someone else that you are having money problems. Next thing you know, your business is common knowledge. Title loans help you avoid that type of issue.

Title lenders are willing to help you if your deadline is looming, and you can’t make all the payments. Tell us your situation, and we’ll find a way to get you more time.

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