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Title Loans Woodbrook, DE

Getting Title Loans in Woodbrook

With its beginnings in 1952, Woodbrook DE is a quaint community north of Wilmington, with over 200 homes, situated around the Brandywine River. The lush surroundings of the DuPont Championship Course, part of the DuPont Country Club, as well as the public Rock Manor Golf Course, offer relaxation and entertainment to the community as premier golf courses suitable for all ages and skill levels. The Hagley Museum and Library features exhibits related to early industry in the area, and the history of the DuPont company. With beautiful grounds and gardens, the on-site library contains and extensive collection of books documenting the history of early through modern industry.

Located just a few miles north of Wilmington, Woodbrook is a small town in Delaware that is home to a number of commuters. When you need cash to pay for tolls traveling around the northeast, to pay for gas to the city for work or for any other reason, you can take out a title loan. Title loans in Woodbrook have a number of benefits over standard unsecured loans.

Before you look at the benefits of those loans, you may want to find out how title loans work and how you can apply for one. A title loan is an example of a short term loan that you can use to pay for almost anything you have in mind. The cash you get depends on the age, value and general condition of your car.


How Loans Work in Delaware

Delaware doesn’t have a lot of laws that apply to title loans in Woodbrook, but the state does have some laws that you need to know before you apply. Many of these regulations relate to the disclosures that a lender must provide you with before giving you a loan. Those disclosures include wording that states:

  • the loan is a short-term solution only
  • the lender has the legal right to take your car if you default on the loan
  • you will lose any equity in your vehicle if you violate the terms of the loan
  • you have the legal right to end the loan bu must return the amount borrowed
  • borrowers can file complaints with the state

Borrowers can also rollover Delaware car title loans. This means that you can pay off the loan and roll it over into a second loan. The state will only let you rollover a loan if you can pay off the loan within six months of the date you took out the original loan.


Applying for Title Loans in Woodbrook

To apply for one of our title loans, you only need to provide us with your name, phone number, email address and zip code. The zip code shows us that you live in Woodbrook and lets us know which office we should have contact you. You also need to tell us ahead of time whether you owe any money on your vehicle or if you own that vehicle outright. We offer title loans on a range of different vehicle types, including cars, SUVs and trucks.

Since we offer secured loans attached to your car’s title, we will not do any type of credit check. You will need to tell us whether you have a full-time or part-time job because we want to guarantee that you have a valid source of income. Our online title loan application lets you provide us with all the necessary information from your computer, phone or tablet.


Secured vs. Unsecured Loans

Before applying for a title loan, make sure that you understand how a secured loan differs from an unsecured loan. An unsecured loan is one that does not have any type of collateral tied to it. Lenders will ask for your social security number and may need more information such as the name of your employer, how long you worked for that employer and your bank account details.

As we offer secured title loans, we do not need as much information. We’ll value your car and give you a loan equivalent to its value. If you do not pay off your loan and do not make arrangements to pay it off, we can take ownership of the car. You can use our site to find out more about title loans in Woodbrook before filling out our application.

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